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PennyJobs - Small jobs that can save you a few pennies

Minimize Your Automobile Total Cost of Ownership - Estimated Savings $2000
Calculating how to minimize your automobile total cost of ownership can be complicated as each situation will have different elements in the equation.
Keeping Your House Clean - Estimated Savings $1400
A clean house can be a lot of work, but the benefits could out way the effort.
Smart Shopping Ideas - Estimated Savings $800
Here are a few smart shopping ideas to consider when you need to find a way to save some money.
Stockpiling Supplies - Estimated Savings $1560
Economists think inflation is here to stay and is likely to get worse before it gets better.
Gardening - Estimated Savings $3300
With food prices jumping to new highs this year, gardening is a simple method to reduce your food expenses – especially if you have growing kids that eat all day like I do.
Time Your Purchases - Estimated Savings $1600
Timing your purchases can save you lots of money. Planning when to purchase the products that you will need in the future is a very good strategy. 
Minimize Your Energy Use - Estimated Savings $480
Minimizing your energy use can save you a lot of money. The largest expense is usually heat and electric energy. There are many things that a homeowner can do to improve or reduce their energy use.
Wash Your Car - Estimated Savings $120
Washing your own car or truck can save you some money. Many families have two to three vehicles and keeping them clean can become a regular expense. 
Cut Your Own Hair - Estimated Savings $720
Cutting your own hair can save you some money. Many families have two or three members that can learn to cut their own hair. Cutting hair is an inescapable task that needs to get done and can become a regular expense in a family budget.