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How Ron Paul Has Used The Well Intentions Of His Followers To Push A Radical Agenda Against The GOP

By: Steve Johnson

8/28/2012 - 0 Comments

The Republican National Convention is underway, and Romney/Ryan are going to be announced as the nomination.

But the Ron Paul supporters are not happy.  They want more of everything.  They want more recognition of Ron Paul, they want more of their ideas added to the Republican platform and they want to blame the Republican Party for the mess our nation is in.

In some ways they are correct, the national debt is a major problem and the Federal Reserve is the primary reason for our ongoing economic collapse. 


But they are also unreasonable and unwilling to come to terms with anyone that is not Ron Paul. He is the idol of their ideas.  He has captured their emotional response to the economic collapse and commands their sense of justice by directing them to try to disrupt the RNC by having their delegates not vote for Romney.

The anger towards the Republican Party that motivates them is very similar to the anger behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Here is a video of how the Occupy Wall Street supporters are the same as Ron Paul supporters.

Several of my Republican friends are asking, “Why doesn't the GOP just compromise and let the Ron Paul supporters have more say in the Party Platform?”

My answer is that I don’t think they can because the Ron Paul supporters don’t want to compromise, they want everything right now.  They want to completely dismantle the entire military offshore, they want the budget cut so deep that it would send the nation into a depression overnight and they want several government departments completely closed, like the Department of Education.

These are interesting ideas to consider and the nation will probably be forces to make several of these cuts in the next few years, but to it is not reasonable or rational to do all of these things at one time like they are asking for.  Therefore the Republican Party cannot make these drastic changes without losing the election to Obama, which will drive the nation further into debt.  

The Ryan plan is just the beginning of many years of government cuts, but it is a plan that is more reasonable and rational then Obama’s plan to keep spending or Ron Paul’s plan to cut everything now.


I have several friends that are strong supporters of Ron Paul, I have read his books and I understand his ideas. But I also realize that Ron Paul is delusional in many ways. 

For example, he thinks that world peace will results if we pull our military from around the world, regardless of the daily attacks and threats by many nations that have their finger on the trigger pointed at their neighbors. The world is full of real threats that our military personal is vital to protecting millions of lives against. Sure there are bases that we could close and military operations that do not seem like they have much value and the military complex expense to the nation. I get that. But wishful thinking does not make the world a safer place. Our strong military has saved more lives then any other nation in the history of the world.

Another example is Ron Paul's belief in states-rights vs. Federal government control. I agree the Federal government has overstepped its authority in many ways. But states-rights alone do not solve the problem of a growing government. Local and state governments are just as likely to grow in power and control as the Federal government. California and Connecticut are examples of state governments that have grown beyond their means.

So states-rights alone do not stop government growth or tax increases or over regulations that drive the economy into recession.  Like every successful politician, Ron Paul is very good at using language fragments like “smaller government” to rally supporters and special interest groups.

But the idea of “smaller government” by supporting more states-rights is missing a critical component that Paul conveniently leaves out of his speeches because it goes against some of his strongest special interest groups funding. 

The signers of the Constitution said that without a moral people, the Constitution would not be sufficient to govern the nation. That is to say; "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams

The Constitution is a short document, which leaves much of the governing up to the branches of government and the state governments. And because it contained few restrictions, it requires a people that is self-governed by the 10 commandments. The reason the government has grown is because the Constitution is inadequate to govern a people that is not self-governed by moral and religious convictions, just as John Adams said. This is the reason the Patriot Act was created, because people are abandoning God’s laws – just as predicted (Matt 24).

If Ron Paul was a true Constitutionalist he would not leave this key point out of his rally cry to “return to the Constitution.” 

The only way the Constitution can govern the nation, without controlling people with laws like the Patriot Act, is if the people are committed to the truth found in Christianity which reveals sin as our true enemy.  The truth demands that we take action against it.  Ron Paul says no way. He says the government has no business being involved in teaching morality. This shows the Ron Paul is in denial about how the Constitution was designed to work.

His supporters see no need to commit to a moral standard, even though no nation is the history of the world has been successful without it and the bible is littered with nations that have failed because of this denial.

They want government out of everything so that people can do whatever they want – but this will lead to a disaster without first having a strong Christian culture that holds people responsible to a personal morality.

They think they are asking for “freedom” but they are not.  Freedom and liberty do not exist without of a commitment to the truth.

Another reason Paul leaves this out is because it is exactly that several leading Conservative Republicans like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Allen Keyes, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Sandorum, etc. have been saying forever. 

If Ron Paul was a real Constitutionalist he would be just like many other Republicans and he would not be able to get the support he does from his special interest groups that hold him out as different from the rest.

The Damage

The Ron Paul campaign is so upset at the Republican party that they are using their delegates to threaten the RNC and by doing so, that have forced the RNC to try and change the rules that decides what delegates can and cannot do.  Here is what the FRC had to say about it yesterday;

“Believe it or not, there's a bigger threat to the GOP convention than the weather. During meetings last Friday, the Republican Rules Committee surprised a lot of people by changing the way delegates are selected. Under the new system, the GOP's presidential nominees would have the power to override state parties and pick their own delegates. Essentially, the local party would have to surrender its authority to the candidate in naming representatives--even if the delegates are legally elected.

Without getting further into the weeds of convention politics, much of this has to do with the Republicans' fears over candidates like Rep. Ron Paul, who have such strong grassroots support. If they succeed in rewriting these rules, leaders like Paul would be prevented from having their delegates seated in future conventions. But in trying to head off these potential coups, the GOP is giving future nominees an unprecedented amount of power. “

“Once this proposed change goes into effect in 2016, a more socially liberal nominee tied to the GOP establishment (which is most of them) could shut out delegates with conservative views. And with fewer pro-family delegates, groups like FRC Action have fewer friends on the inside to impact the language.

Left unchallenged, this could jeopardize the entire GOP platform which would have significant ramifications on core principles like life, marriage, and religious liberty.”


In conclusion, many of the Ron Paul supporters have good intentions to lead the nation back to its roots, but they are inadvertently supporting some misguided ideas that are not helping to improve the GOP and are actually making it worse.

I find few Republicans can articulate a strong argument against Ron Paul and even fewer articles like this one pointing out why Ron Paul is wrong and how he is misleading people.

I hope this is just the beginning of your research into how many well intended Ron Paul supporters are being used by some of the radical Ron Paul supporters to push out some of the strongest pro-family, pro-life and Christian supporters in the GOP.

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