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Obama Calls For Prolonged Detention Of Anyone That May Commit A Crime

By: Steve Johnson

12/22/2011 - 0 Comments

This is unbelievable; in a speech a few days ago the leader of the free world blamed the previous administration for created an adhoc legal approach to fighting terrorism to hold people indefinitely, then told the nation he was going to do the same thing.

After condemning the previous Administration, in a speech which contained his signature poetic language, Obama told the world that we will hold people for 'prolonged detention' without committing a crime regardless of our laws that say otherwise.

This is against the U.S. Constitution, in which we are a nation ruled by laws, yet Obama has gained the power to act outside of the rule of our law - this is an act of lawlessness.  

In the same speech that he condemned the Bush Administration for an adhoc legal approach to fighting terrorism, Obama said his Administration will create his own adhoc legal strategy which will operate outside the legal court system in which all Americans are protected from illegal detention until proven guilty.  

Obama is clearly the most radical President the nation has ever seen.

Here is a startling video showing how radical the Obama Administration really is;

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