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Obama’s Job Plan; More of The Same, Bigger Government, More Spending

By: Steve Johnson

9/6/2011 - 0 Comments

In Obama’s Job speech on Thursday, he is likely to call for more than 1 trillion in new spending.

Obama has completely ignoring the utter failure of the last few trillion in spending while he continues to boldly claiming that more government spending is the only way to create jobs.

The reason Obama is unable to look at the mounting evidence against his economic policies, is because he is completely convinced of the liberal economic ideology that government can create wealth by taking money away from productive businesses and spending it on unproductive government projects.

Obama believes that government spending cannot go wrong.  He believes that politicians can make better decisions then CEO’s. He believes that CEO’s are only interested in their own careers at the expense of their workers, while politicians have the best interest of the nation in mind when they spend money. 

Obama does not understand that CEO’s must invest in people in order to create wealth and that productivity and profits are the keys to creating jobs and producing wealth. Business owner cannot produce wealth without creating jobs, and therefore they have a build in incentive to find ways to create jobs.

On the other hand, politicians have a build in incentive to take wealth from the CEO's that are producing wealth and give it to anyone that will secure their votes. The larger the government, the more money that is squandered away as Obama has become the champion of wealth destruction.

Obama’s misguided view of economics also gives him the reason to further hinder economic growth by creating more regulations and government agencies to keep businesses in line. 

These expanded government agencies cost businesses a lot of money, increasing the cost of labor and the products they are trying to sell, which force them to move to other nations to reduce costs and stay competitive or go out of business.

In most cases, business CEO's are not to blame.  They are not the enemy. But as long as Obama is leading the nation in his war on business, wealth depletion will continue and real jobs will never materialize. For an anti-war guy, he has become the worlds greatest anti-business war-lord.

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