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White House Committed Fraud Releasing Fake Birth Certificate

By: Steve Johnson

5/23/2011 - 170 Comments

It’s official, the birth certificate that the White House released on April 27th has been ruled a fake my many experts.  

The liberal media has done an excellent job at discrediting and lying about Obama’s birth certificate, but Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new book, “Where's the Birth Certificate?” has quickly become a best seller because it contains undeniable evidence that Obama is not eligible to serve.

In an interview, Dr. Jerome Corsi said

“If people read my book, Barack Obama’s Presidency will not survive. … and the White House committed a criminal act in producing a fake birth certificate just to keep his Presidency alive.”

After several years and millions of dollars in legal fees that the White House has spent to protect the release Obama's birth certificate, the growing public skepticism forced the White House to respond.  

Mr. Trump also played a key role in recent weeks repeatedly bringing up the issue in interview after interview, which forced the White House to release a birth certificate, as Obama was plummeting in the polls with as much as 30% of the public no longer believing he was born in the U.S.

Even the Hawaii government to this day says that the official birth certificate is locked away in a safe place, which contradicts the White House claim that they have released a copy of the official birth certificate.

Here is a recent interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi about the proof contained in his new book.  

Here is a document expert showing how the birth certificate is a complete fake;

This issue it's over and Obama is worse off now that the White House has released a fake birth certificate in order to fool the public with the full cooperation of the media to try and discredit the questioners and bury the issue.

Yet not one document expert has been able to explain the clear layers within the fake document that has been released by the White House. This is sure to lead to many legal cases for years to come as the truth remains hidden and the White House continues to lie.

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