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By: Steve Johnson

4/7/2011 - 236 Comments

This is the question of our age. This is the question that will define our generation. This is the question that Rep. Paul Ryan has proposed a solution for. This is question that the Democrats have no answer for.

A few days ago Rep. Paul Ryan submitted a national budget proposal that would save the nation from economic collapse.  The question is, does the nation of the brave have enough bravery to make the decisions that need to be made?

Rep. Paul Ryan has done what no one else has been able to do and for that he should be rewarded and congradulated.  Ryan’s budget proposal is a complete budget solution that addresses all of the hardest questions, including Medicaid and Medicare that almost no politician is willing to even talk about.

Ryan’s budget is astounding.  It shows that there is hope and we can save the nation from economic collapse. It can be done.  Leadership in Washington does exist. The nation should fully support this proposal. It's time to act in unselfishness and come together in agreement to make the cuts that need to be made.

Here is a short video of Ryan’s budget proposal.  

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