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By: Steve Johnson

2/28/2011 - 183 Comments

Democracy is the process of a population voting for elected officials to make policy decisions that represent their interests.  The job of the elected officials is to make policy and budget decisions for the good on the entire population, whether over a city, state or nation.

The organized protests in Wisconsin and the elected officials that have fled the state are not helping anyone.  

The reality is that the federal bailout money is gone (700 million went to Winconsin, most of which when to fund the public unions); the state is broke and cannot afford the current compensation for public employees. 

Something has to give.  The people voted in new elected officials that they thought would make the best decisions to balance the budget.  Those newly elected officials are doing their job, while some of the elected officials refused to vote and instead fled the state.

This is not how democracy works. 

Mob Rule

The protesters are not in support of democracy, but against it.  They don’t want the elected officials to vote.  They appear to be getting angrier each day and not because they are starving or living without freedom, like we see in other nations - but because they are in opposition to the democratic process.

The irony of this situation is that if the protesters help block the legislator from voting, the democratic process fails. If a mop can overrule public officials who seek to save their state from insolvency, then America is no longer governed by democracy but by mob rule.

If America moves to be governed by mob rule, than we are all doomed because there is only so much money to go around and if the biggest mob gets the majority of it, then the rest of us will end up with nothing.  The democratic process is the fairest process we have.  

The president should be trying to dissolve the situation rather than further agitate it.  He should be calling for civility, rather than questioning the elected officials that are doing the job they were elected to do. He should be asking all Americans to cut expenses and increase savings to strengthen the entire nation’s financial situation, rather than suggesting we deserve more money to spend.  

After all, Obama’s polices are a large part of why we are still in this recession and likely to be for several more years. 

Wealth does not come from saying that you deserve it.  And wages and benefits don’t come from demanding them. Wealth and wages only come from savings and production. If Wisconsin wants to increase their wages and benefits, they need to increase their savings and production.

There is nothing wrong with peaceful protesting, but the elected officials should not be allowed to flee the state and stop the process of voting for budget cuts.  After all, in the next election the population can elect difference people to vote the other way.  That is how democracy works.

Delaying the budget cuts will only make matter worse, as debts continue to rise and the tax burden forces more businesses to cut jobs. As the market roles over, when the recession double-dips, the next rounds of cuts are going to have to be much deeper than this.  

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