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French President Joins Leaders in Declaring Multiculturalism Has Failed With Economic Implications

By: Steve Johnson

2/11/2011 - 111 Comments

In an interview on Thursday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

Here is the yahoo news article.

The reason multiculturalism fails is because it destroys nationalism and nationalism is the foundation of a cohesive culture.  A cohesive culture is the backbone of a strong economy that is essential to complete in the global economy. 

Cultural diversity creates religious infighting, which breeds political polar opposites resulting in national division and class war fair.  Class war fair destroys the middle class and further impoverishes the poor and drives the wealthy business owners out of the country taking the jobs with them. 

I find it almost funny to see several European nations coming to this clear understanding, while America continues to embraces multiculturalism with Obama leading the nation down the path of further division - all the while bleeding the nation of wealth at the tune of $1.5 trillion per year and pouring gas on the class war fair fire with his ‘tax the rich’ rhetoric.

Sixty years ago, when America became the world’s leading manufacturer of goods with the highest per capita production rate, it was primarily because of our strong cultural unity built around the common values of Christianity.

Since the rebellion of the 60’s, when the nation began to turn from these common cultural values our rate of production has continued to drop.  Today, America is very much a divided nation, bleeding wealth at an astounding pace that is clearly unsustainable and headed for a major financial correction.

Few national leaders seem to realize the importance of morality and it key role in cultural cohesion that results in energizing and motivating people around a common cause at a national level – created a national competitive advantage, which is critical in the global economy. 

Common cultural values results in the highest level of wealth production.  

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