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Reagan Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional, Saving the Nation from Socialism

By: Steve Johnson

2/1/2011 - 88 Comments

Who would have thought President Ronald Reagan would to this day have such a major impact in saving the nation from taking a devastating road of socialism?

Many years ago, Ronald Reagan warned us against socialized healthcare and the danger that it contains the potential to destroy the freedoms of our nation.

Yesterday, Judge Vinson became the second federal Judge to rule ObamaCare unconstitutional, delivering defeat to the crown jewel of the Obama administration.

The 78-page ruling was so thorough that it requires the government to stop implementing ObamaCare, at least in the 26 states that were plaintiffs in the case.  The other states should jump on the case so that the Obama administration does not force them to pay for the massive increases in Medicare and Medicaid.

ObamaCare has already been repealed in the House of Representatives and is soon going to be discussed in the Senate.  With two-thirds of the nation wanting to repeal the bill and the Suppreme Court now likely to rule against the bill, anyone that does not vote for the repeal in the Senate will be voting against the people of the nation and against the Constitutional provision for liberty.

The Obama administration is now facing a very difficult position.  Do they continue to fight against the tide that has uncovered the unconstitutional ideas of socialism within ObamaCare and risk a major political loss in 2012 or do they admit they were wrong all along and are now ready to negotiate real healthcare reform targeted at lowing costs by reducing the role of government?

This is a very perplexing question, because either way ObamaCare is finished and the nation has been saved from complete financial ruin.

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