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Silver Likely To Become The Best Investment Of 2011

By: Steve Johnson

12/28/2010 - 110 Comments

Silver may very well become the best investment of 2011, because inflation is bound to continue and Silver is likely to outperform all other inflationary investments.

Although, I also think there is a good chance of a major market correction which will force major investors out of Silver dropping the price considerably. 

But if a major market correction takes place, Silver will soon recover and then go on to outperform because it is so under priced and so important to the electronic production industry that the world has become very dependent upon. 

I am actually so confident in a major market correction that I am currently not increasing my position in Silver or Gold, because I want to wait for an even better deal - a once in a lifetime opportunity - as I have called it before.

Contrary to the few things that are spun as good news for the economy, like consumers are spending again and the government continues to borrow and spend trillions, there is a mountain of bad debts coming due.

The housing market has already started crashing again, cities across the nation are trying to find a way to file for bankruptcy, the Bond market is showing signs of weakness and the Fed is soon likely to become the only buyer.

The entire global financial system (which is based on the dollar) cannot hold together for much longer. Asset prices around the world are going to have to correct - and when they do, the panic will cause bank runs and Silver prices will jump way up. Almost anything could trigger the correction. 

Another major event just last week was that China started raising interest rates.  China has been our partner in debt for the last few years, enabling us to run trillion dollar debts. Their money printing has allowed them to purchase our Bonds to fund Obama's stimulus packages, but now after several years of adding currency to their financial system, the additional currency has made its way into price increases in food and housing - critical consumer goods. 

So much so that China has been forced to stop adding currency to their banking system and start removing currency by rasing interest rates.  Now that inflation is clearly effecting daily prices of good and they have started rating interest rates, they will have to continue raising rates for years to continue fighting inflation that is already in their financial system. 

This means that we will soon get a double dose of economic disturbance, first because the dollar will lose value compared to other currencies, driving up costs of imported goods and second because interest rates will increase as foreign nations reduce their purchasing of Bonds.

Here is a video for your enjoyment, in which the Silver story is further explained;

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

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