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By: Steve Johnson

12/13/2010 - 107 Comments

As the national financial crisis deepens, it is becoming apparent that Obama and his liberal Congress are not going to be able to deliver what they promised.   

When the money runs out – liberal economics falls apart.  Liberal economic only works when Congress can continue to spend more money than we have.  

When the money runs out and Congress is forces to cut spending, the people that have been doped into believing that Obama and the liberal politicians will take care of them, will become very angry.

In recent weeks, government cuts in Europe have resulted in dangerous protests and riots.  We have not even begun to make the cuts that are necessary, and when we do these dangerous protests and riots are sure to follow. 

The broken promised of the Democratic Party will be rightfully to blame, because they sold the people on the idea to ‘trust’ them.  They told their supporters that they would take care of them with free healthcare, education, college loans, jobs, etc.   Their supporters are continually told that they are ‘victims’ of capitalism and they deserve the wealth of the rich without having to work for it

Obama’s campaign slogan should have been – “Trust Me, I will take care of you”.  

Obama continues to campaign for the complete trust of the public as he goes about misquoting the Declaration of Independence, removing the reference to God as the source of our rights.   By this Obama is suggesting that our rights don’t come from God, but from the government.  Therefore, we need not put our trust in God, but it the government – and more specifically in him.

No Government Can Provide

The ago old problem with anti-capitalism Keynesian economics that replaces the free-market with a central planning socialism government, is that it never works!

In the history of the world no government has ever nor will ever be able to replace God as our provider and protector.  It is the very idea of - In God We Trust - that is the cornerstone of our economic strength.  Government is simply incapable of having god-like qualities and therefore should not be given our undivided trust or the power to act like God.

Replacing God with government is a big mistake. The victim minded thinking that goes along with this idea has been a big mistake. We need a national break away from this false idea. 

Liberalism and its welfare economics must die if the global economy is going to survive.  The first nation to stop the cancerous welfare economics will be the leader of the global economic future.  It looks like we are going to be last nation to stop the welfare economics.

Europe on the other hand appears to the first nation to address the welfare economics and therefore are likely to become the future global economic leader. 

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