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Obama’s Top Advisers - Summers, Axelrod, and Emanuel - All Jumping off the Sinking Ship

By: Steve Johnson

9/24/2010 - 144 Comments

Obama’s Top Advisers - Summers, Axelrod, and Emanuel - All Jumping off Obama’s Sinking Presidency

In a short span of the last few days, all three of Obama’s top advisers have indicated that they will soon be leaving the Obama administration.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Obama, facing a failed economy policy, failed foreign relations and a failed health care reform bill that continues to drive Obama to record low polls.  The Tea Party movement has spread across the nation and continues to gain momentum as the November elections approach.

Emanuel is Obama’s Chief of staff and is planning to run for mayor of Chicago.  Summers is Obama’s chief economic advisor and Axelrod is Obama’s closest advisor and was expected to run his financial campaign for Obama’s 2012 reelection bid.

All three realize that Obama’s Presidency is waning and they need to land a new job while there connections are still in tact and before their reputations cause any more damage to their careers.

Their resignations come at a very bad time for the President, as the Republican Party is ready to take the majority in both the House and the Senate in November. 

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