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The Myth of Effective Government

By: Steve Johnson

9/22/2010 - 123 Comments

My friends in the liberal circles like to believe in the possibility that the government can be effective in solving social problems along with economic problems.

But every example they come up with that supposedly shows how government has been effective can be shown to be a failure. 

Whether its government regulations to control environmental concerns or policies to improve poverty by increasing home ownership or even policies that directly interfere with the market to force the redistribution of wealth – they all fail.

It appears that the idea of an effective government is a myth.

The reasons are many, but the most fundamental and undeniable and unmovable obstacle to ever achieving an effective government is that people are part of government. 

My father used to say, ‘Wherever you go, there you are’.  That also applied to government.  Government is a select group of people that are chosen to lead the nation.  The problem is that whatever group of people you chose to be part of the government; they contain corrupt people which are selfish by nature and willing to lie to keep their power over other people at the expense of the lives and jobs of others. 

The founding fathers of our great nation knew about the corruption of man, because many of them were ministers and students of the scriptures which clearly describe the state of man after the original sin.  John Calvin described mans’ condition in his writings as Total Depravity (also known as Total Inability and Original Sin).  If people are corrupted by sin, then any group of people will make corrupt decisions – unless there was a way to purge people from their sin nature and put them in government.  

Liberals on the left say that if we only had governmental control of the entire economy, than we would have an effective government that would be powerful enough to redistribute wealth in an orderly way to reduce poverty and solve social problems.

Conservatives on the right say that if only we had less government control of the economy, than the free market would redistribute wealth in an orderly way to reduce poverty and solve social problems.

They are both wrong without first understanding the depravity of man. 

The liberals do not realize their dream government that controls the entire economy, does not respect people’s right to keep the wealth that they work hard to produce and therefore removes the incentive to produce wealth and the reason to invest in enterprises that could produce wealth. The liberal dream government to fairly redistribute wealth while remaining morally neutral cannot be done without committing immoral and unfair action against the public.  And the only people that can stand to commit these crimes against the public are the most immoral and evil people.  Therefore attracting and festering more evil with every policy they create, resulting in more and more government corruption until the nation is completely bankrupt, the economy is destroyed and everyone is in poverty.

The conservative do not realize that less government alone will not solve the problems and will likely make other problems as the public turns to crime to fill the void of government handouts. Without a business culture of self-guided moral judgment the free market does not work, because evil business owners do not act in the best interest of anyone but themselves and quickly become willing to lie and cheat in order to gain more financial control of the marketplace at the expense of workers, families and other business owners.  This situation attracts and festers more evil with every reaction to each corrupt business deal, until the nation is completely bankrupt, the economy is destroyed and everyone is in poverty.

The only real solution is to cultivate a moral faberic into the culture in such a way that whether someone works in government or business, they hold high regards to moral decisions and Godly characters like honesty and fair prices.  This is why Jesus said He came to teach us a better way to live, one that will bless and prosper us.

Therefore until Jesus returns and the curse of original sin is completely removed, no nation will be able to have a very effective government.  That said, if it is impossible to have an effective government, the question becomes ‘how can we have a government that is the least damaging’.

That is the same conclusion that our nation’s founding fathers came to understand, which is why they created a small government with separate powers, checks and balances to try to keep the government from causing the least amount of damage as possible.

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