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 How the Global Economy is Dependent on Christianity

 Why America May Never Recover From the Recession

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Our Prosperity Comes from Liberty and Freedom, Which Are Rooted in Religion - Not Government

By: Steve Johnson

8/25/2010 - 88 Comments

America is the global protector of tyranny.  America’s global influence as a protector of tyranny comes from our economic strength.

Our prosperity comes from our liberty and freedom, because liberty and freedom provide the opportunity for innovation. 

But liberty and freedom can only survive if they are rooted in culture and constantly defended.

Our liberty and freedom are rooted in our religion as is recorded in the documents that created our nation - specifically Christianity.

Because Christianity teaches us that we are created by a loving and intelligent God in which we have a purpose and a destiny with Him. This provides the reason to strive to work hard at whatever we do and follow the scriptures that protect us from self-destruction. 

But Christianity needs to remain the dominant influence in our culture and must be defended both legally and politically or our productive culture soon self-destructs.

No other religion is capable or has ever been capable of developing a culture of self-governed, highly innovative and productive people because no other religion answers the core questions of our existence and relationship to God.

It is the Christian belief that liberty and freedom are our God given rights as documented in the U.S Constitution,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Therefore unless Christianity remains the dominant influence in America, liberty and freedom are likely to become more and more limited.

By virtue of believing that we are created by God, our rights of liberty and freedom are non-negotiable rights given to us by God. That is why our money contains the phrase ‘one nation under God’ not ‘one nation under government’.

According to the Constitution it is inconceivable to yield our liberty and freedom to anyone including our government. 

This is why the only way for tyranny to overtake the U.S. is to create new laws that supersede the Constitution through gross over-reaching powers of Congress to limit liberty and freedom – like the Hate Crimes Bill or Obamacare.

Unless the Supreme Court realizes that Congress has used over-reaching powers to create these laws and repeals them, liberty and freedom will continue to be more and more limited while the world becomes more dangerous.

The more limiting our liberty and freedom become the more limiting our innovation, productivity and prosperity will become. The influent of Christianity is the strong arm that is holding back global tyranny and has been since the beginning of time.

Here is a graphical picture;

Religion -> Liberty and Freedom -> Prosperity -> Protection from Global Tyranny

If America is overtaken by a tyrannical government, because Christianity loses its influence, America will no longer be able to protect the world from global tyranny.  

And the failure of America to lead the world out of the global recession does not give world leaders confidence in American or Christianity as a cultural advantage.

In fact, the global recession and pending depression is causing world leaders to become desperate to control the people by further limiting liberty and freedom, while increasing the conversation for the creation of a global (tyranny) governance. 

The entire world rests on the influence of Christianity. (this is the subject of my latest eBook) The only way to overcome America is to take away their belief in God, which is the foundation of global freedom and liberty.

If Obama were a Christian, he would realize this.  Christianity is not just another religion; it is the defender of global tyranny.

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How the Global Economy is Dependent on Christianity

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