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How California’s Proposition 8 And The Same-Sex Marriage Debate Affects the Economy

By: Steve Johnson

8/5/2010 - 96 Comments

Yesterday a U.S. District Count Judge overturned Proposition 8, California’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Nothing changed with regard to marriage because the judge suspended the ruling pending an appeal, in which this process is likely to continue all the way to be U.S. Supreme Court.

Supporters of the extreme ideology of same-sex marriage like to say that if the redefinition of marriage does not affect me personally then why should I care?

When I first heard this I thought it sounded good, but the speakers at the recent rally in my home town of St. Cloud MN by the National Organization of Marriage told me a different story. 

At the NOM rally I learned the real dangers of redefining marriage in MN and other states that the same-sex ideology is trying to get passed. 

In short, redefining marriage to include homosexuality gives the courts the legal authority to revoke my constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This is because my pursuit of happiness is founded on my freedom to believe in morality and worship God by believing in and living out His commands. 

I was almost fooled into thinking that the gay agenda wouldn’t affect my civil rights, but after further research I found out that this is more about me losing my civil rights then is it about someone gaining civil rights. 

The redefinition of marriage is the criminalization of Christianity.  If marriage is redefined and I continue to live out my Christian convictions I would be a criminal.  

If marriage is redefined in the state of MN, my friends and family members who own businesses and work at churches and non-profit organizations throughout the state will be subject to legal allegations by gay activists, in which many could lose their jobs, their livelihood, drastically changing their standard of living and perhaps face prison terms and massive fines.

A Dangerous Lifestyle

Also, from a medical and economic perspective the practice of homosexuality is very dangerous because of the increase in promiscuity within the gay community that contributes to the spread of a growing number of sexually transmitted deceases, which has resulted in a drastically shorter lifespan for homosexuals.

If any of my children were drawn into the homosexual lifestyle, there lifespan would be drastically shortened.  Until Obamacare is repealed, the increase in medical costs will be shared by everyone, draining the wealth of our nation. The promotion of this lifestyle will only increase the medical premiums for everyone.  

Personal Attack

A homosexual author named Michael Swift once said: "...The family unit will be abolished."  This is a personal attack, because the goal of same-sex activist's is to abolish my family and my way of life.

The state of MN is currently being targeted by gay activists because there are several pro-gay bills under review in the MN Congress and our Governor is up for grabs with Gov. Tim Pawlenty not seeking another term as he focuses on his Presidential run.

If you want to keep your civil rights and protect your children from the promotion of this dangerous lifestyle, then be very careful who you vote for in the upcoming elections.

Religious Freedom

This is not so much about sexual discrimination, as gay activists try to make it out to be. The goal is not so much to gain the legal rights to marry, but to gain the legal rights to force everyone to accept homosexuality as a normal behavior that cannot be defended by the freedom of religion. 

They want a state-sponsored religious law that defines and enforces homosexuality as normal.  This is in direct contradiction to the Constitution that prohibits any form of state-sponsored religion. 

What they are asking for is to make it a crime to hold Christian moral beliefs that are clearly written in scripture for thousands of years and are the foundational values of civilization itself.  If they win, everyone loses their Constitutional rights to religious freedom.

Economic Impact

The economic implications are also very disturbing because the strength of our economy is based on our culture, which is based on our Christian values.  If Christian moral values become criminalized and Christians begin to compromise their faith over this matter, our culture will take a drastic turn for the worth.  

If the leading Christian organizations compromise their faith in the scriptures, Christianity will become worthless because it is impossible to please God without faith and obedience. 

Christianity will become an empty religion no longer based on absolute values, but a religion based on society’s shifting definition of relative morality rather than Gods absolute definition of what is right and wrong.

True Christianity will be persecuted and driven underground, making it much more difficult for people who seek God to actually find him.  And what will happen to thousands of Christian organizations that currently take a leading role in the social welfare of the public? 

If you remove authentic Christianity, you remove the one and only motivational factor driving organizations to love and care for the poor and needy.  The burden of caring for these people will fall on the government system of welfare that will further drain the economy and the wealth of our nation. 

A Culture of Christianity

Without a culture of Christianity as the backbone of our nation, with the traditional family unit at the center of our competitive advantage providing the foundation of our economic strength, our nation’s global leadership will come into question.  

Unless Christianity and traditional family values are politically and legally defended our nation could soon be forced out of our position of leadership as the global community loses faith in our ability to lead the global economy.  

Complete economic collapse may not happen overnight, but it is a reasonable outcome, as evidenced by the general decrease in morality over the last decade that has led to many economic disparities as our growing government and national debt try to compensate for.

The supporters of same-sex marriage who try to discredit arguments like this by simply labeling them ‘homophobic’ have no answers to these glaring holes in their extreme ideology.

I am no more homophobic then I am smokerphobic, yet we have laws in MN that ban smokers from smoking in restaurants and bars in order to limit the dangers of smoking for the welfare of the greater public.  In the same way, we need to continue to protect marriage from the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle for the welfare of the greater public. 

The same victim mindset that propelled Obama into office while sacrificing the economy to socialism seems to be at work here.  Same-sex marriage advocates seem to be willing to push for their extreme ideology to redefine marriage even if it leads to the demise of the nation.  

Update: Here is an excellent video that I found.

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