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True and Lasting Power Comes From Sound Money and Sound Money Comes From Morality

By: Steve Johnson

7/22/2010 - 84 Comments

Sound money comes from economic policy that promotes individual moral decisions. Economic policy is created by legislators that are elected by the people in which the culture plays the largest role.   

Good and moral leaders come from a culture of morality that rewards honesty and integrity.  Leaders are a reflection of the culture.

If the US is to remain a superpower we need to restore our moral heritage because that is the source of our economic policies, which result in sound money and our strength as a world leader.  Sound money means our dollar is worth its value, which is a result of high savings and production. 

Without a strong dollar our nation will not remain a superpower.  And our current political leadership is destroying the value of the dollar every day.

In exchange for the value of our currency, President Obama and team are trying to remain in power.  They are in effect destroying the nation from within.  

In their pursuit of power they are sacrificing the value of the dollar by borrowing and printing trillions of dollars to grow and maintain the government’s vast power.

Power is like freedom.  Without an understanding of how extremely rare and difficult is it to get, it cannot be properly defended and passed on to the next generation. 

We need new leadership in America that value our long-term financial credibility above temporary power grabs, so that our children have a nation to inherit.   

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