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Obama Flip-Flops on Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Claiming it’s a Tax as Lawsuits Reveal its Unconstitutionality

By: Steve Johnson

7/20/2010 - 59 Comments

Throughout his presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama promised the American people: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes.

Yet sixteen days into his Presidency he signed a cigarette tax increase, which targeted families making under $250,000 a year.

During the presidential debates and the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill, Obama continued to claim that he was not going to tax ‘the little guy’.

Here is a video of Obama deigning that the health care mandate is a tax increase.

But now that Obamacare is facing major legal battles and is clearly unconstitutional, the White House is called the health care mandate a TAX.  Not only is this a clear flip-flop by the President but it is a direct contradiction to his campaign promise to not raise taxes on ‘the little guy’.

Clearly Obama does not have 'the little guy’ is mind with his job destroying agenda and as he continues to drive the economy into a deepening recession.

President Obama's disapproval rating is at 56%.  According to the rating experts, once a Presidents disapproval rating hits 60% they can no longer effectively govern. 

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