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Americans Fund Both Sides of Obama's Domestic War Over Illegal Immigration

By: Steve Johnson

7/9/2010 - 70 Comments

Retirees and other residents from all over the country donated half a million dollars on Thursday to help defend Arizona’s immigration law against the federal government’s lawsuit filed on Tuesday.

In a fight for President Obama's re-election campaign to win the votes of immigrants, he is fighting against the jobs and protection of the American people.  Didn’t they used to call this treason?

In a Rasmussen poll today 67% says that illegal immigration is a significant strain on the US budget, as several states and the federal government are facing historic-level deficit spending.

Not surprising, in a Gallup poll today Obama’s disapproval rating increasing to another new high of 48%, a 6 percent increase in a month.

To top it off, President Obama and team are raising taxes in a number of new bills in a foolish attempt to continue funding the expanding government and to help pay for the governments legal battles against state’s illegal immigration laws.  Obama is funding his legal battle against the people by taking more money from the people.  

More then a dozen states are now considering the passage of a similar immigration law to Arizonas'.  President Obama has spent all of his political capital on the debacle of health care reform and his failed economic policies have taken away his credibility.

He is still talking but few are listening anymore – even within his party.  The Nov. elections are going to set a new record number of political leaders that lose their seats.

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