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5 Reasons Why the Sooner the Market Crashes the Better

By: Steve Johnson

7/7/2010 - 77 Comments

I’m convinced that global markets are soon going to crash and they need to so that the global economy can begin to rebuild.

Hidden beneath trillions of stimulus, the real economy, the one that is based on real consumer demand will finally be allowed to show itself. 

1.       Force government to cut spending

When governments cut spending it will allow the market to start creating jobs when it no longer has to compete with the government. 

The market crash will finally allow capital and labor that has been mal-invested and miss-placed by decades of government intervention to be freed up for private businesses to use in pursuit of real economic growth by meeting consumer demands and creating wealth.

2.      Come clean

The market crash will expose the trillions of bad loans and asset values that are still hidden on the books of banks and financial institutions.  This will force central banks and investment firms to stop lying about the values of assets, many of which are worth close to zero.

3.      Stop the Federal Reserve

The Fed is perpetuating the financial crisis by holding interest rates at zero and flooding the market with new money.  The market crash will force them to stop their inflationary agenda that is destroying the dollar and its hope to remain the global reserve currency.

Savings are the foundation of economic growth, without saving you don’t have an economy.  The dropping savings rate in the US for the last decade is a direct result of government intervention to prop up the economy to gain power and get reelected.

The day is coming when interest rates will spike and saving money will once again be rewarded

The sooner we let the old business models fail and the sooner we begin to raise interest rates, the sooner the process of building new businesses can begin.

4.      Force the bums out of office

A market crash will help force the corrupt politicians out of office, but there is always the risk that we will elect new politicians that are even more corrupt.  We need to vote for character, not chrism or a well spoken communicator.  We need to look at the background check of each candidate and make sure they are not connected to radical extreme religious groups or a convicted corrupt political organization like ACORN.

5.      Save the economy

The economy is facing major challenges and the sooner we take real action to address those challenges the better.  

The more we continue in the tax and spend direction, the worse the economic disaster is going to be.  The global central bankers are starting to realize that the global economy cannot be supported by the tax and spend direction that Obama continues to pursue, and they are preparing to break from the leadership of the US in order to get off the path of inflation and avoid global hyperinflation.

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