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Family and Business will Always be a Better Source of Welfare then the Government, When Are We Going to Stop Fooling Around?

By: Steve Johnson

7/2/2010 - 45 Comments

Government welfare spending, like most government spending, is on an unsustainable path.   

What do we have to show for decades of government welfare spending? - more and more poverty.  Here is a quick video highlighting the results.

The reason that government spending on welfare does not work is because the government has little interest is actually helping people - they don't care.  They are mostly interested in getting re-elected.  The public understands this and it quickly becomes a game of buying votes and emotional storied to push for more welfare programs that only perpetuate the problem.

The one and only solution to poverty is hard work, saving and a community or family that gives a shit. 

When you lose your job and you family helps you out, you realize that they are making sacrifices to help you because they actually care.  This creates motivation for you to get a job as soon as you can and perhaps help someone else in your family when they need help. 

Government programs disconnect the person getting the money from the person that is sacrificing to give you the money.  The money that is given to people has no personal connection because it is socialized on the public through higher taxes and an ever increase in the national debt.  

If you know the person that you are helping, you both gain from the relationship that forces you to trust and respect each other.  This character that is learned during a time of economy downturn becomes the foundation of the financial education of the next generation and the motivation for entrepreneurs to take their turn and become productive.

Likewise, business enterprise cannot exist without providing products that people actually need at a price they can afford to pay.   If government welfare programs were not involved in driving up prices and limiting supplies, businesses would be forced to produce the things that customer need at whatever prices they could afford.

Left alone, business enterprise is the best source of community welfare.  Business enterprise is the only true source of real jobs and goods. 

It is government regulations and taxes and economic policy that distort the market that results in an increase in poverty and the loss of motivation to dare to dream of becoming a world class entrepreneur, creating wealth and increasing the standard of living for everyone involved.

Family and business will always be a better source of welfare then the government.

When are we going to stop our foolish ways and cut the government out of the racket they are in?  

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