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 How the Global Economy is Dependent on Christianity

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Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger, A Biblical Response

By: Steve Johnson

6/24/2010 - 101 Comments

Coral Ridge Ministries has created a new documentary called “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger.”

The film questions “whether socialism is the Bible’s prescription for the underprivileged and assesses socialism’s track record in Venezuela, Cuba and elsewhere.”

The film’s creators build the case against socialism and conclude that socialism only leads to poverty and dealth

The film combines clips from speeches by President Obama and interviews by individuals like MN Rep. Michele Bachmann with images of the Communist Manifesto and of figures like Stalin, Castro, Mao and Hugo Chavez.

It shows how the envy-inflamed ideas of Marx and others are at war with the family, the church, and with God and His Word. Though some Christians claim that the Bible teaches socialism, both the DVD and the book provide biblical evidence to the contrary.

The expert guests in the firm discuss the history of socialism and how is leads only to persecution, starvation and murder—like under Mao in which 80 million people perished.

Jay Richards, Author of Money, Greed, and God: How Capitalism Is the Solution, Not The Problem, says

"The fruits of socialism couldn't be worse. In fact, there's no political ideology that's ever killed more people than the socialist experiment. And so, from a Christian perspective, just from a generically moral perspective, the idea that socialism ought to have some kind of promise for redeeming human beings or helping us, it's absurd. Just look at the record."

Click here to watch the preview

This is an interesting documentary, but the question I have is why Obama and the Left are so committed to an ideology that is proven to lead to financial slavery and death?  How could the leadership of our nation get so confused about an idea that they are will to put the US on the path of destruction?

The good news is that Obama's agenda is so radical that he is unable to hide his convictions, which has clearly exposed the dangers of the path we are on and this video is a clear demonstration of the response of the people to save the nation before it’s too late.

The reason that the Left has been able to lead the nation this far down the path of destruction is because the identity of Christianity has been stolen.  The politicians like Obama claim they are Christians, to get the support of the public, while they are actually against the very absolute values and laws of God that the governance of our nation depends upon.

Obama is not a follower of Jesus Christ as shown by his agenda and his speeches.  But then what is he?

Jesus addressed the issue of neutrality when He told His disciples in Matthew 12:30:

“He who is not for Me is against me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.”

By Jesus’ own words, if Obama is not for Jesus Christ then he is against Him.  This is the root cause of why the Left and Obama have embraced socialism.  Socialism is the logical conclusion to the rejection of God and the Christian moral absolutes. 

Not only do we need a fiscal conservative President to replace Obama, we need a Christian President—because Christianity is the cornerstone of our culture and economy, which is the cornerstone of the global economy.

And this is the subject of the next eBook that I’m currently working on.

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How the Global Economy is Dependent on Christianity

In this eBook I explain how the global economy will quickly collapse if world leaders try to replace Christianity with globalization, humanism or socialism or anything else. This is not fiction. The conclusion is based on historical facts and current events, which form a defense of Christianity and suggest that a revival is the answer to the global recession.

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