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The Goal of Marketing Remains the Same During a Recession

By: Steve Johnson

6/8/2010 - 83 Comments

The goal of marketing is to reach people that are interested in your products and services.

During a recession marketing budgets get cut but the goal remains the same.

The trick is to find new ways to meet the goal that fit your new budget. 

If you pick the wrong medium to market with, you could spend a lot of money without gaining new customers.  There are thousands of ways to market your product and each one is good at reaching a different type of customer. 

The job of a marketer is to study the options and invest your marketing dollars in the ways that have the highest potential return on your investment.  

That being the case, the work of marketing remains a critical business process during a recession.

Recessions are hard on marketing budgets, but they also create new opportunities for marketing companies to find new and lower costing ways to help businesses market their products. 

New ways like social media, online advertizing and electronic billboards are a few of the new methods that are gaining support.

For new product and new business launches, marketing needs to take a difference approach.  The message that you send to your consumers needs to be based on the conditions they are facing.  You need to tell them how your product will help them through the recession. 

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