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Obama Begs for Support as the Latest Poll Shows that 41% Strongly Disapprove

By: Steve Johnson

6/7/2010 - 31 Comments

It is no surprise to me that a new poll shows’ 41% strongly disapprove of Obama, primarily because his socialistic agenda has led the nation into a double-dip recession.

Anyone still supporting Obama has to completely ignore the facts and rely on their infatuation with the personality of Obama or their fear of losing government handouts.

Yet, commitment to Obama is like commitment to Karl Marx, who's ideas became the foundation of communism.

A quick summary of Karl’s ideas about labor is that labor should not be sold to the highest bidder (as it is in capitalism), because it is too valuable to the soul of the individual.  Instead, labor should be controlled by the leadership of the state.

Obama is following the same path as he increases the labor of the government and decreases the labor in the private sector.

But socialism always fails, because the state is far too unproductive and wasteful, leading a nation into a financial collapse. 

Obama has shown that he is completely incompetent in handling the economy, the war on terror (in which he can’t even call the enemy by name – Radial Islam) and now the oil spill.

Obama has failed on so many of his campaign commitments, that an article I read yesterday suggested he is unlikely to even be on the ballet in 2012 and there is an increasing chance that he will quit or be impeached before the end of this term.

The criminal investigation into Rod Blagojevich which has already called for subpoena of Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and now the possible criminal case against the Obama administration’s attempt to bribe Joe Sestak from running for Senate could be the beginning of the end for Obama’s political career.

In the 18 months that Obama has been in office his agenda has nearly bankrupt the nation, telling world leaders that we are weak both militarily and economically.  Even the terror networks could not have done as much damage as he has done to our nation—and I which I didn’t have to admit that.

As the oil spill continues and his critical remarks of President Bush’s handling of hurricane Katrina shows that he is but a hypocrite—not the savor that some were hoping for.

The young people that are still supporting this guy have to be out of their mind and in complete denial of the huge tax payments that they will be making for the rest of their working career. 

They are supporting a guy that is spending the down payment of their home and their children’s college education to no avail.

The liberal media and liberal academia are keeping the young people from the truth about their future—which is going to be hard labor and a drop in their standard of living. 

Too many of the young people remain mesmerized by the personality of Obama even as he feeds them poison.

The good news is that the nation has awaken and the constitutional conservatives are likely to win a large number of seats in November, taking control of both house and the Senate and neutralizing Obama for the remainder of his term.

Two years ago, I suggested that Obama was not a safe choice to be President.

“The many questions about Obama’s background and his character add to the risk for him to be the next President.”

Obama does not represent America; he represents weakness, incompetence and dependence on government. This is not the land of the weak and incompetence.  This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

In another article I gave my advice for Obama, which remains the best direction that he could take.

If he wants to save the nation from economic collapse, he needs to change directions quickly and bring in a new round of advisors.

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