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Government Expansion Will Only Increase Poverty

By: Steve Johnson

5/25/2010 - 36 Comments

The current government expansion will increase the rate of poverty, while decreasing the wealth of our nation.

The profitable businesses (the free market) are under attack from the Obama administration to discredit them and blame them for the economic crash and the general increase in poverty. 

But Obama is fighting the wrong demons. 

The current direction of expanding the government will only result in an increase in poverty.  More people will lose their jobs, their cars and their homes as the government expands.

The greatest act of goodness that Obama could do would be to reverse course and cut government out of the way of the free market.

The free market is rarely given the credit it deserves for helping humanity improve, yet it is perhaps the greatest source of economic success that the world has ever known.

In fact the free market is nothing but the cooperative interaction of humanity in improving the commonweal.

If capitalism was allowed to function, wealth would be increasing and everyone would benefit. The poor, the middle class and the rich would be increasing their wealth.

The real demons behind the global recession are the lack of morality that has forced governments into the free market.  Morality needs to increase, to replace the government expansion.  But that is a hard sell as much of the world's leaders are increasingly immoral and have turned from God.  Europe is already primarily atheistic.

This is why America's Christian majority is perhaps the last and only hope in avoiding a global tyrannical dictator.

Some of the same demons are also in Washington, tricking people into voting for them with economically immoral handouts that further destroy the integrity of the free market.

The global recession – which is turning into a global depression – that is increasing the poverty of millions, perhaps billions is not because of capitalism but because of government expansion that does not allow capitalism to function. 

Instead government plays an active role in trying to force the free market to distribute money in ways that it would not normally do. Resulting in boom-bust cycles, that leave a wake of bankruptics.  

When the government takes money away from working taxpayers and gives it to others, through a humanitarian policy like the sub-prime mortgage policy that the Democrats created with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, both the poor and the middle class end up much poorer.

The people that couldn’t afford homes are now bankrupt and the middle class taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

It is more humanitarian to vote against these politicians then for them, but that takes an understanding of how these policies distort the market and an unselfish look at what is best for the national economy.

Politicians are increasingly willing to ignore long-term economic damage in exchange for short-term prosperity and re-election.  They take advantage of the poor financial education of the public to buy votes with their policies that appear to be in good nature.

They lie to the public for their own good.  Lying is the devils favorite tool. God told us not to lie for the benefit of everyone, yet we still think we can fool Him.

Politicians overuse their power to hand out money and then try to make anyone who argues against them looks like they are not willing to help the poor, which results in a sure way to secure votes and build a political career.

These politicians are self-serving. They are acting immorally for their own benefit, while destroying the economy. 

Every policy that hands money to someone ends up costing everyone more money than we had in the first place.   The result is that when the government gives money to someone without increasing their financial education or creating inflation in the process, it only makes them poorer.

The only way to help the someone in need is by increasing their education or by giving them money out of savings (not by printing or borrowing money) and showing them how to invest it wisely to get out of poverty.

The current government polices don't do this and therefore they are the cause of poverty in America - not capitalism.  If Capitalism was allowed to function, our nation would be increasing wealth and everyone would benefit from it - mostly the middle class and poor. 

Government expansion will only increase poverty.

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