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Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future: A Worthy Alternative

By: Steve Johnson

5/24/2010 - 78 Comments

Paul Ryan is a U.S. congressman in Wisconsin and a ranking member of the committee on the budget.

Obama and team are creating a “Culture of dependency”, with out of control government spending that is threatening the future of our nation. 

Paul Ryan’s roadmap for America’s future addresses the financial crisis head on, instead of avoiding it.   Here are the three major components of the plan.

  1. Ensures universal access to health insurance and rescues and strengthens Medicare, Medicaid, and social security
  2. Returns federal spending growth to sustainable levels and removes massive future debt
  3. Promotes sustained economic growth and puts the U.S. in a position to lead again.

Paul Ryan’s plan has real numbers and real legislative proposals to back it up.  This plan is based on the ideas that built American into a great nation, focused on individual freedom, personal initiative and opportunity for every American to create his/she own future.

Here is an introduction video:

Here is the details of the plan:

I encourage everyone to look at this plan and realize that there are other directions that the nation should be taking.  Obama and team are not ‘doing all they can’ or ‘doing their best to create jobs’.  Obama’s agenda is more important to him than creating jobs or restoring the economy.

It is clear to me that Obama's far-left extreme agenda is destroying the economy and the future of our nation.  There are other options, like this one that would restore the economy on solid ground.  But they continue to ignore these plans and continue to pursue their agenda to create a welfare state.

When will people realize what is going on and when will they rebel?

We need new leaders in this nation and we need them quickly.  Time is running out as the dollar is temporarily strengthening as Europe struggles with debts that are much smaller then the debts we are currently taking on. 

It is only a matter of time before international investors turn on U.S. Bonds and we begin to face the same crushing debt crisis that Greece is facing. 

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