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Liberalism and Its Welfare Economics Must Die If the Global Economy Is Going to Survive

By: Steve Johnson

5/19/2010 - 67 Comments

Last week Europe did the unthinkable. They caved in to their financial bankers and agreed to bailout their struggling nations with money they don't have.

Either way, they have quite possibly triggered the soon death of fiat currency that the world has used to finance the last 50 years of credit expansion and global debt like never before in history. 

The dollar was already doomed because of the massive expansion of money that has been created since the dollar was removed from the Gold standard in 1971.  But now the Euro is also doomed.

The economics of Obama style welfare liberalism must die if the global economy is going to survive and it is not going to die without a fight.

The current economic problem is much worse than it was before WWII or during the cold war, because the lie of welfare economics was isolated to Germany or Russia during the cold war while most of the rest of the world remained resolute on solid economic principles.

Shortly after WWII, the dollar became the global currency and then broke the gold standard to expand the size of government beyond what the economy could support.  The global experiment in fiat currency is coming to an end. 

The lie that somehow welfare economics would lead to prosperity has been believed around the world.

The dollar has led the entire world into a snake pit of lies about the principles of economics. The Federal Reserve has ignored the principles of economics and repeated this lie with decades of propaganda, until all international central bankers have come to believe it.

In the end, it was nothing but a lie. Social welfare economics cannot lead to anything but economic ruin.

The only hope for the global economy is to abandon liberalism and its welfare economics before the global economy completely collapses.

We have already delayed the much needed deflation to purge the economy of the expansion of credit that has undermined the value of the dollar several times. Each time we have pushed a much bigger problem into the near future.

The day of reckoning is quickly approaching, as world markets are getting ready for a major crash as the expansion of money in every major currency overwhelms global asset prices

After the market crash, gold will be the only source of money that the world has to protect what wealth is left because no central bank can create more gold out of nothing.  Gold will continue to increase for several years - until a new currency can once again become fixed to the price of gold.

The U.S. has a chance to lead the world into a global economic recovery if we are the first to abandon welfare economics that has spread like cancer around the world, but that is going to take a major revolution and the removal of the Federal Reserve. 

The first nation to stop the cancerous welfare economics will be the leader of the global economic future. 

Up until last week, I thought it was going to be Europe and it could still be if they realize the error of their ways and reverse course - which is still very possible.

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