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Obama Fuels Division as Legislators in Nearly a Dozen States Consider Arizona Style Immigration Reform

By: Steve Johnson

5/6/2010 - 32 Comments

In a national debate over Arizona's new immigration law that simply mirror the Federal immigration laws, Obama is inciting division by misusing words like 'patriot' and  'justice' to protect the illegal votes that hold the future of his party and Presidency.

This is not a debate that Obama has the political capital to fight right now, yet he obviously feels like this is a desperate situation. 

The polls show an increasing voter frustration with federal enforcement efforts, plus the growing fiscal pressure on states facing major budget problems (even bankruptcy) has legislators across the nation consider state-level immigration reforms similar to those signed into law in Arizona.

A USA Today/Gallup poll released Wednesday shows that 9 out of 10 Americans say it is at least moderately important for the federal government to act this year to secure the borders and stop illegal immigration.

Perhaps this is a deliberate strategy to take our minds off the complete failure of economic reform.  Perhaps Obama believes that he needs another major issue that is large enough to capture the news paper headlines and press conferences, so that people forget about the dire economic situation that we are in.

Perhaps he wants to take our eyes off the complete failure of Healthcare Reform that he signed into law before the November elections. Perhaps he thinks we will forget about that.

Why else would Obama want to focus on immigration while America is headed for a Greece style financial collapse?

Obama is fueling the fire for riots and civil rights violations by endorsing a host of illegal immigration professional protester groups, while blaming the supporters of legal immigration for any civil rights violations even before they happen. Obama is responsible for inciting these riots.

Immigration is an important part of America, but illegal immigration is against the law.  Illegal immigration is a burden on our economy and increases criminal activities.  Obama's support for illegal immigration is unpatriotic and a leading contributor to our economic calamity. 

Yet Obama is now threatening legal action against Arizona to reverse their legislation. What is Obama going to do next, impliment Iran style sanctions against the state of Arizona?  Withhold funds for education, road construction and other federal government funds?

This is not the leadership that our nation or the world needs right now. We need a peace maker, not a riot incitor.

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