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Free Market Principles Provide the Cultural Mandate for a Peaceful and Stable Economy

By: Steve Johnson

4/22/2010 - 55 Comments

Economic policy guides human ethics.  Bad economic policy guides humans into making unethical actions, which leads to further bad policies to try to protect people from unethical actions of other people. 

The result of bad economic policy leads to a deteriorating economy and social unrest as bad policies provides cover for one group of people to trample on another group of people – legally stealing their property, labor and freedom. 

Bad economic policies support unjust actions on just people, which cause them to take unethical actions to right the unjust that has been portrayed on them.  In the name of equality and fairness, government policies are the primiary source of inequality and unfairness.

A strong commitment to free market principles reduced the passage of bad economic policies that create injustice and reduce the need to create more policies to protect people from further unethical actions.

Free Market = Ethical Culture

Therefore a strong commitment to free market principles creates the critical element of rewarding ethics within the culture that is needed for a prosperous economy.

Culture is the key to economic prosperity as proven by the history of America.  But that culture is eroding because our governmental leadership no longer has a strong commitment to free market principles.

As our winning culture that motivated hard work and ethical actions deteriorates because of bad economic policies that destroy the free market, America cannot expect to remain a prosperous nation. 

America is not in decline because other nations like China and India are growing in strength or any other reason.

America is declining because we have a deteriorating ethnical business environment, created and supported by our growing anti-capitalism government policies.

Our anti-capitalism government policies are the source of our decline as the Tea Party movement has rightly pointed out.

The path to economic recovery begins with repealing the many anti-capitalism government policies that this administration and Congress has passed and continue to propose. 

Sometimes it is not easy to identify bad economic policies because they are created with such good sounding intentions and backed by powerful lobbyist and special interest groups, but none the less they must be repealed. 

If not, the unintended negative consequences of anti-free market policies will continue to destroy the economy.

Policies that should be fought and repealed include pretty much any interference with the market process: minimum wages, price controls, taxes, tariffs, and most subsidies should all be repealed.

The true hope of our economic recovery rests with the new political leadership that we so desperately need to repeal everything on the agenda of the current administration.

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