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Tea Party Movement Gains Momentum as the Public Rallies Against Bigger Government

By: Steve Johnson

4/19/2010 - 19 Comments

Twenty-four percent (24%) of voters now consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement, an eight-point increase from a month ago.

Another interesting poll today showed that nearly 80% of Americans don't trust Washington under the Obama Administration. 

The Tea Party movement seems to be gaining support with little or no resistance or opposition because no one is in support of more taxes – not even the far left.  And almost everyone is against the growing nation deficit and the future consequences our children will face paying back all that money. 

Obama’s experiment with bigger government, more taxes and massive national debts have not improved the economy.  Perhaps if even one of his strategies would have made a difference with the unemployment rate or the housing market, the public would cut him some slack. 

But none of his policies seemed to have helped anyone and the nation is in far more debt, with far greater unemployment then before Obama was elected.

The failure of the current administration’s policies cannot be hidden, no matter how supportive the media has tried to be and how hard the President has tried to disguise them.

The November elections are headed for one of the largest political turnovers in history, as the Democratic Party is likely to lose both the House and the Senate majority by a landslide.

The President will be neutralized for the last two years of his term as the nation awaits the rising of a new leader, a free market leader who understand how the economy really works and what makes it crash.

I guess the article I wrote two years ago titled "Let Obama Win - To Prove Socialism Is a Bad Economic Strategy" is coming to past.

In case you have not had the chance to attend a local Tea Party, here is a quick video of Peter Schiff speaking at a Tea Party in CT.

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