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The Greater Evil in Believing Capitalism is Evil

By: Steve Johnson

4/5/2010 - 47 Comments

Over the holiday weekend, I had an interesting discussion with several family members about whether capitalism is evil.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of people that are upset with the economy right now.

I guess that’s why the Tea Party movement continues to gain momentum.  

The prevailing theory goes like this; the underlining motive behind capitalism is greed and therefore capitalism is evil and everything that results from capitalism is evil.

After years and years of defending capitalism, I’m amazed at how many people have been caught up in believing in and supporting the war on capitalism that is being waged by Congress, the Fed and the President.  This is perhaps the biggest con in U.S. history.  

In the discussion with my extended family, I was shocked to realize that several have come to believe in socialism – without truly knowing what they have come to believe in. 

The most disturbing part was that their primary influence was there pastors!

Wow, I’m still in shock.  The pastors of main line Christian churches today have joined the political leadership in the war on capitalism and are teaching and preaching socialism. 

Without regard for the fact that the good intentions of socialism can only be implemented by evil deeds of stealing other people’s money, enslaving them to government jobs, destroying their savings and drowning out the rest of the economy with increased regulations, taxes and inflation.

And these acts of evil do not foster good responses. They promote retaliation of greater acts of evil. Yet, this is what the preachers are teaching today.

Capitalism is Not Evil, People Are 

Evil will exist as long as people exist.  No economic system can remove evil from people; we are born with it inside us.

But capitalism does provide a built in system of regulation that helps keep people honest.

That system of honesty comes from capital gains and losses, which comes from the freedom of the public to choose where to buy their goods and how much they are willing to pay for them and the freedom to work for a company they choose. 

Freedom of capital and labor are the foundation of capitalism that squeezes evil out of the economy.

Free capital puts a demand on business owners to produce high quality goods at the best prices, which results in an ever increasing standard of living for everyone.  This reduces the poor, increases the middle class and reduces the motivation of the poor to act in an evil manner to covet from others. 

Free labor puts a demand on business owners to keep contracts with employees and not to withhold their wages.  This reduces the motivation of the rich to act in an evil manner to mistreat their workers or take advantage of them. 

Removing or replacing this built in system of regulation and protection from evil increases the risk of people doing bad things to each other. 

Therefore without capitalism, evil has no restraint and cannot be controlled in any manageable way.  This is the greater evil that manifests when capitalism is removed.

The Best Economic System

The best economic system in the world is the one we used to have when our nation was founded, a Christian people guided by laws based on the Ten Commandments with a small government and a completely free market.

That remains the best path to national prosperity that the world has ever seen. 

But that is not the system we have today. Perhaps this is why we have preachers teaching us socialism, because they believe the lie that the economy is primarily capitalism and therefore capitalism has caused the economic mess that we are in.  But that is far from the truth.

The governments hand can be found in every industry that has crashed, starting with Fed's low interest rates that created the housing bubble.

The bad news is that the U.S. is already a long way from that system and our prosperous days are far behind us as the nation continues to attack capitalism and weaken its belief in God.

When Jesus Christ returns some day, I'm convinced that the global economy will operate in a similar way to the foundation of the U.S. and it will result in the highest level of productivity in all of history.  

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