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By: Steve Johnson

4/2/2008 - 44 Comments

Outsourcing was the trend of the last decade. Homesourcing could be the trend of the next decade.

Homesourcing is hiring peope to work from home. The reasons for homesourcing are piling up. Outsourcing is getting more expensive as the dollar continues to lose value around the globe.  The advantages to hire someone in China or India are fading and businesses are turning back to Americans.

Reference Article: Downward Dollar Delivers Blow to Outsourcing

Even in manufacturing, business is moving back to the US. Just yesterday, BMW announced that it was moving its German manufacturing to the US.

Reference Article:  Weak Dollar Makes BMW Outsource … To U.S.A.

Work-at-home opportunities

Most of the work-at-home programs that I have seen over the last few years are nothing but scams.  This just goes to show how hard it is to match people with the right skills and experience to profitable tasks that need to get done.  But none the less, the work is plentiful and the technology is getting better every day to anable more people to work from home over the Internet. 

Reference Article:  Homesourcing Trend Ramping Up is the newest venture of Lesley Spencer Pyle. Pyle is the founder and president of Home-Based Working Moms and, Inc and has been working from home for the last 12 years. looks to be a very powerful solution for matching the right people with the right jobs. Just look at some of the sample projects:, which are all legitimate businesses looking for the right skills to fit their needs. is another venture that hopes to get behind the trend by networking businesses with people working from home.  College students are using this website to make a few extra dollars to help with the increasing cost of education. 

Working from home has several advantages for both employee and employer.
Advantages for employer

  • Save money on office space and energy use
  • Save money on unproductive water cooler chit-chat and endless meetings

Advantages for employee

  • Save money on clothes
  • Save money on transportation – gas, tires, brakes, etc.
  • Save money on day-care

The one thing you need is an extra room in your home for an office, but the housing boom has provided many large homes with plenty of rooms.  So, why not take advantage of your large home and convert your extra room into a home office.

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