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Congress Passes Job-Killing Healthcare Bill, Driving a Stake into an Economic Recovery

By: Steve Johnson

3/22/2010 - 23 Comments

This bill is a tax bill wrapped up in a healthcare document. For small businesses, this bill is a killer.

It will raise insurance costs for everyone, increase taxes and the cost of doing business on the very people that we depend on to create jobs – small businesses. 

If you are unemployed, expect to stay unemployed.  If you are employed, expect lower wages and higher insurance premiums and perhaps a layoff notice.

This vote was a vote against small business and clearly shows that the current political leadership is not interested in an economic recovery.  They are not even interested moving the nation away from its path of hyperinflation and complete economic meltdown that we are on. 

This day will be remembered in history as the day that led our nation over the cliff of economic meltdown.

This bill will take control of one-sixth of our economy will stop economic growth in its tracks.

A Tremendous Response

The audacity of our political leaders to pass this bill in the face of the deepest recession since the Great Depression shows that we need a tremendous response to reverse course and save the nation. 

From the initial sentiment that I’ve read on the blogosphere today, it looks like the public is very up set to the tragedy that our current leaders are creating.  

The response is going to be big as public anger will continue to swell. 

Nothing about this bill is good for the economy.  It is the largest entitlement program in the history of the world.  This is no longer the land of the free, but the land of socialism – a system that has proven to only result is one outcome – economic collapse.

Obama’s healthcare will be a colossal failure, causing prices to increase even faster.

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