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10 Job Opportunities for Men in the New Economy: Part 2: Security

By: Steve Johnson

3/19/2010 - 41 Comments

According to several studies, men are indeed facing more job losses then woman because of the declines in the manufacturing and construction industries.

In part 1 I provided a list of job opportunities that I believe will be growing in demand for many years.

In this article, I will begin providing details to support my assumptions.

1. Security Officers

As the recession deepens, people are going to riot and when they do security forces are going to be in high demand.  Look at Greece and other parts of Europe, where federal budget cuts are leading to massive rioting. Security forces are already in high demand in many parts of the world.  

So far we have not seen the trouble that Greece is having because the Fed continues to print money, but the day is coming when the Fed will no longer be able to print money and the federal budget will need to be cut. 

City and state budget cuts across the nation are already causing local police forces to be cut or at the least they are not hiring.  These changes in local government spending will increase the need for private security forces in every state.  

The demand for private security internationally has been increasing for many years, noted by the growing international security service business Blackwater.  Here is how to apply for a job at Blackwater.

The need for security officers will be needed for company CEO’s, politicians, wealthy executives and business owners, as well as retail stores that sell expensive merchandise.  Large food distributors are going to need security to protect against looting and thieves. Wealthy neighborhoods are going to consider hiring 24-hour security guards.

Here is an interesting article about Goldman Sachs officers packing firearms for personal protection. Goldman Staff Packing Pistols to Defend Against Peasants

Hand gun sales are up several hundred present over the last few years because of the increase in demand for personal protection and the fear the Obama will try to ban firearms in the future. 

Here is a quote from, saying that security jobs will double;

“Opportunities for security jobs will continue to be abundant. Security jobs, which are about 1.7 times more abundant than security jobs, will increase to about 2.4 times that of law enforcement jobs over the next 10 years. Through the next 5 years, security jobs will double.”

According to this, security jobs are expected to double.

There are also several other factors that are helping to create a shortage of security personal.  For example, the increase in global earthquakes and natural disasters is creating a huge demand for all available trained security personal to help control the relief efforts.  This will likely drive up the wages of security personal.

Ok, perhaps the demand for security jobs will increase in the future, but what about today?

The demand for security jobs is not just going to double in the next few years, it has already doubled from a few years ago. 

I took a quick look at the website that helps coordinate security jobs in the U.S. and found that it currently has over 4100+ security guard jobs listed.  These jobs are available right now! 

If you are looking for a job today, consider working as a security officer.

In Part 3, I’m going to continue down the list of job opportunities and provide detail about why I think demand will continue to grow.

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