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10 Job Opportunities for Men in the New Economy: Part 1

By: Steve Johnson

3/18/2010 - 89 Comments

According to several studies, men are indeed facing more job losses then woman because of the declines in the manufacturing and construction industries.

If this is the case, men need a list to point them to the most likely new jobs to pursue and grow into new careers.

Despite the fact that congress is holding back the free market from creating new jobs, the market is created demand in new directions.  

Based on my business trend research, the following jobs are the most practical jobs for men currently looking for work in the deepening recession.

I didn’t include the temporary construction jobs and military jobs that are being supported by government stimulus packages because those jobs are likely to be lost as soon as the government is forced to drastically cut spending.

I wanted a list of jobs that men could consider their new careers.  Jobs that they could grow into and remain gainfully employed for the next decade.

Sometime in the future the dollar will sinks on the world market, which will lead to an increase in manufacturing and transportation which will probably become the largest engine for job growth, but that may not happen for several years.

Therefore, until then I didn’t include jobs related to production or transportation or shipping (exporting) in the list because they don’t exist yet. 

This list of jobs is perhaps a few of the most practical jobs for men today that are looking for a new career despite the recession.  If you don't know where to start looking for new job, consider starting with this list.

In fact, as the recession deepens and the economic recovery fails to materialize, the demand for these jobs is likely to increase even more.

  1. Security Officers
  2. Appliance/Automotive/Home Repair
  3. Farming/Gardening
  4. Disaster Preparation/Recovery/Cleanup
  5. Personal Protection Guns/Safes/Home Security Systems
  6. Dog Breeder/Trainer
  7. Community Leadership City Counsel/School Boards
  8. Community College/Trade School Teacher
  9. Energy Reduction Expert
  10. Entrepreneur/Businessmen

I’m sure there are other growing job opportunities that I didn’t list and I would love to hear your ideas, so please add your ideas to the comments of this article.

In Part 2, I’m going to give more detail about each of these and why I think demand for these jobs will continue to grow.

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