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Seven Primary Causes of Tyranny and Why They Are Gaining Support: Part 5

By: Steve Johnson

3/12/2010 - 29 Comments

The U.S. is on the path to hyperinflation and tyranny as capitalism, individual liberty and freedom are being destroyed. 

The good news is that we can stop the trend and reverse course.  In order to do that we need to understand what the primary causes are that are leading the nation to tyranny.

In part 1 I listed the 7 causes of tyranny that are gaining support.

These causes have been gaining support for many years, but the economic crisis has increased their momentum and created a window of opportunity for the government to push for tyrannical control of the entire economy.

6. The Misguided Pursuit of Personal Value – What I mean by this statement is that people have a natural instinct to be valued.  We all want to be valued and be a part of something that is doing something good. 

The problem comes when we are taught humanism (as mentioned in Part 2), because our natural response to the condition of not understanding who we are results in a misguided pursuit of significance in the world.

Humanism teaches us that we are our own gods and our value is based on our ability to live according to our natural desires, without moral rules.  This way of thinking leading to power struggles in which greed and corruption dominates the mind of everyone.

The pursuit of significance becomes the pursuit of simple pressures without regard or respect or the wellbeing of anyone else.   If right and wrong are determined by each person, than pursuit of significance becomes the path to meaning and satisfaction and importance to gain control and power over others in order to consume more and enjoy more pleasures than everyone else. 

This misguided pursuit of personal value supports a powerful government that is capable of controlling others, while handing out extra privileges and money to the fortunate few that are well connected to the political elite. 

This misdirection of personal ambition is the result of the false identity found in the fundamental teachings of humanism that has been taught in the public schools for several decades. 

The political system is clearly consumed by this misguided ambition for power rather than the desire to serve the public for the greater good of the nation. 

Without a drastic change in political leadership, the nation is headed to a breakdown of democracy as power become centralized and strengthened.

7. Economic Central Planning – I have written extensively about economic central planning, which is administered by a central bank like the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is the source of global inflation and the reason that inequality continues to grow.  Inflation pushes money up as the rich continue to get richer.  The politians when use the growing inequality to market to the public to further support for a larger government with more socialism and regulation and central economic planning.

The previous 6 causes of tyranny are all in support of government economic planning, which leads to the failure of democracy and the need for a dictator.  (Tyranny)

But in order to completely control the entire economy, the government needs to control the values that are being taught, distributed and published – which means they cannot be taught by religion or parents anymore. 

People cannot be allowed to freely distribute information that may work against the central control of the economy because it would reduce the value of central planning and reveal their failure.

Freedom of speech, religion and safety must be handed over to the government in order for economic control to be completely centralized.  This is the path we are on and the purpose of this article series is to wake up the public before we end up with a tyranny.


The spirit of anti-capitalism is at its highest level in American history.  The only reason that anti-capitalism ideas are peddled is to gain power.  To believe in capitalism is to believe that the free market enterprise is the best tool to build wealth.  That business owner’s should be free to operate their business without government intervention or government control.

Capitalims is made up of consumers and producers, like you and me.  Trusting in capialism is trusting you and me. The current government is unwilling to trust you and me. 

Anti-capitalism is a power grab.  Expanding the government to control the economy is economic central planning.  Central planning does not work, because no one in politics (even Alan Greenspan) has ever proven to be smarter than the free market (you and me) in deciding what we want to purchase and at what price.

Without a free market, the strength of the economy cannot be trusted (like the GDP) because of the inflation and expansion of credit that distorts the actual growth.  Capitalism results in economic balance, stability, predictability and slow growth.

Capitalism leaves nothing for elected officials to offer the public.  The only way to offer the public something more than slow and predictable growth, is for elected officials to take control of part of the economy.

The problem lies in the fact that even a small step away from capitalism, leads to a path of socialism and as more and more of the economy is taken over by central planning - soon there is not enough capitalism left to produce wealth - and that is what we are facing today.

This process is well documented in Friedrich Hayek's book “The Road to Serfdom”.

The Road to Serfdom (slavery)




This is also why many economist are split into two primary views of the economy, while politicians are only interest in one.

Our political leadership is literally selling the nation into financial slavery. The expansion of our government does not lead to more freedom, but to slavery. 

I hope we can wise up and stop the expansion of government before we get any closer to complete tyranny. 

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