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Seven Primary Causes of Tyranny and Why They Are Gaining Support: Part 2

By: Steve Johnson

3/8/2010 - 18 Comments

The U.S. is on the path to hyperinflation and tyranny as capitalism, individual liberty and freedom are being destroyed. 

The good news is that we can stop the trend and reverse course.  In order to do that we need to understand what the primary causes are that are leading the nation to tyranny.

In part 1 I listed the 7 causes of tyranny that are gaining support.

These causes have been gaining support for many years, but the economic crisis has increased their momentum and created a window of opportunity for the government to push for tyrannical control of the entire economy.

1.  Humanism –  Humanism is a religion.  The humanism religion teaches that humans are our own gods and we determine our own destiny.  This is the religion that is taught in the public schools today, which has replaced Christianity in 1963 when the Bible was removed from public schools. 

Of course no one admits that humanism is taught in the public schools today, because the bible was removed in order to claim that public tax money cannot be used to teach religions.  Yet, creationism was replaced with the teaching of evolution, which is one of the foundation values of the humanistic religion. 

Humanism is the belief that we are self justification, there are no absolute truths, and right and wrong are determined by each individual’s personal values.  These are the dominate values being taught today in the public schools across the nation, values which are the principle values in the religion of humanism. 

Humanism has also become the most dominate among politicians, because it is the most politically correct and tolerant of other values or beliefs. 

Even Obama, who claims to be a Christian, said during his speech at the U.N. that his faith is in the ‘goodness’ of humans to change the world.  This is much difference from the doctrine of Christianity which teaches that faith must be put in Jesus Christ alone.

Humanism teaches that the only guiding rules are that which the government impliments. Therefore the only way to control society is by government oversight - as opposed to religious rules. As social problems arise, the government is always seen as the solution.

The teaching of humanism to the next generation is perhaps the most dangerous because it creates a growing momentum to support a tyranny. 

2. Social Justice and Economic Equality – Perhaps Friedrich Hayek tells it best when he described social justice as ‘the Trojan Horse through which totalitarianism has entered many societies in the world’.

The irony of the term ‘social justice’ is that it undermines justice by empowering governments to take money from the very people that justly earn it.  It allows the government to confiscate things from people that deserve them and give them to people that do not deserve them.

Social justice destroys the rights of individuals and their ability to earn a living with hard work and savings.  In this sense, supporting social justice is that same as supporting thieves to rob your neighbor’s house.

Social justice is implemented by central control to enforce the process of wealth redistribution and therefore its support naturally leads to greater power in a top down dictatorship form of government.   (Tyranny)

The process of implementing social justice is also in direct conflict with capitalism. Capitalism relies on the formation of large pools of capital to invest into new businesses.  Social justice attacks all pools of capital labeling them unjust. 

Therefore support of social justice is support for anti-capitalism, in which the nation can only get poorer and poorer until everyone is in poverty. 

Many contemporary Christians justify their support for social justice by their compassion for the poor and the growing rate of poverty.

However, there is no question they care, but their compassion is often tied to a political or economic ideology that is long on heart and short on wisdom. The best of intentions cannot help the poor unless channeled into actions that are supported by sound economics. 

This is why poverty has not been reduced and why these good intensions continue to fail.  Increasing the size of the State does not increase the justice of the poor. This is a lie that is so easy to get entangled into believing.

It is the State that created the injustice, as it grows it destroyed moral values, personal freedom and the foundation of economic stability.

Here is an excellent book by Ronald Nash that provides much more details.

Social Justice and the Christain Church


In part 3 I’m going to continue explaining the causes that are gained support and are leading the nation to tyranny.

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