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By: Steve Johnson

1/20/2010 - 15 Comments

It appears that the deepening recession has done its work in educating the public as to how much damage the over-spending government is doing to the economy.

This is a very significant leadership change because this Senate seat has long been thought of as remaining with the Democrats forever. 

Massachusetts is not a swing state. They are perhaps the most liberal state in the U.S., which means the Democrats in Mass. voted for this leadership change.

This could be a turning point in history, where public anger and a deepening recession has increased public awareness of the disastrous government policies that are leading the nation towards further economic collapse.

A few months ago I said,

“Maybe the political leaders are going to figure this out and start cutting government (spending) before the masses actually come to this understanding. “

That never happen and it doesn’t appear to be happening. The political leaders seem unable to understand that their spending is out of control and it looks like the public is going to have to replace them with leaders that share their understanding.

Liberal states like Mass. love to vote for leaders that support their programs, which in turn spend money to fund their programs.  But the collapsing economy has forces the voters to realize that the nation is broke and cannot continue spending money that we don’t have.

Of which, the Health Care Reform bill is a large spending program that the nation cannot afford.

The Real Change We Need

Obama came into office on the campaign slogan of ‘change’, but the real change we need to a drastic reduction in government spending and government intervention in the economy.

The real problem that the public has not realized yet is that the over-spending government has been creating waves of inflation to pay for much of the economic success of the last 30 years.

If the government stops creating inflation, the economic will sink further into recession - but the sooner the better because we have no other choice.

The public that is angry at the leadership for over-spending doesn’t realize that they are also going to stop the inflation machine.

Usually inflation cannot be stopped until the results of inflation, which are higher prices, have educated the public enough for them to wise up.

But in this case, due to foreign ‘vendor financing’, the public is largely unaware of the inflation that the government has been creating for several decades, yet they have begun the process of stopping it.

Congress to Continue Spending

At the same time, the President and Congress have no intentions of slowing spending.

Congress is currently planning to continue to stimulate the economy with bailouts and handouts.  They are not likely to stop until they are replaced in the 2010 elections, pushing us dangerously closer to hyperinflation.

Congress and the President need to stop spending and start cutting, and the sooner they do the sooner the economy will be forced to face the sins of our over-spending inflationary policies that got us into this mess. 

Make no mistake; there is no other way out of this economic mess. Creating yet another round of inflation is not going to fix the economy. The government cannot fix the economy, only the people can. 

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