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4000 US troops, 6 Million Babies Dead Since Iraq War Began

By: Steve Johnson

3/27/2008 - 27 Comments

Yesterday was a day to reflect on the Iraq war as 4000 US troops have now been killed in Iraq since the war began five years ago.

The other story is the 6 million babies killed by abortion since the beginning of the Iraq war, at 1.2 million per year and over 3000 per day.  In the last few years support for abortion has decreased among the population. The plague of Planned Parenthood is coming to an end, as many States are cutting its funding and suing from “illegal late-term abortions” among other things.

Reference Article: The Plague of Planned Parenthood

Abortion has helped drive our country into bankruptcy, costing America about 1.5 trillion dollars over the last five years. Not to mention the estimated 5 trillion spent on lobbing for abortion.

Reference Article: Federal Subsidies for Mammoth Abortion Provider Challenged by Pence Amendment

The Days are Numbered

The days of abortion in America are numbered, as the financial crisis with Social Security and Medicare gets closer and closer, we will soon need more young people working to support the baby boomers.  Just yesterday treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, said that Social Security is "financially unsustainable," calling for quick action to keep the system strong and released a report detailing the program's funding shortfalls. The federal government will have to start paying back what it owes the Social Security trust fund by 2017 and the fund will be broke by 2041.

Stopping all abortions is a very practical solution with little impact to the spending habits of our government. Making abortions illegal will save our country $300-$900 million per year and provide new population growth to support the rising costs of social programs and health care. The days of abortion in America have been numbered ever since the April 18th, 2007 Supreme Court voted to uphold the national ban on partial-birth abortion signed into law by President Bush in 2003.

Recession will Deepen

As the recession deepens over the next few years, the population is likely to turn back to God and abortion will likely be targeted as a reason why God has abandoned us in our financial crisis.  All it will take is one strange case to make it to the Supreme Court to abolish the deadliest disease in the history of America and the political game will be over. 

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