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 How the Global Economy is Dependent on Christianity

 Why America May Never Recover From the Recession

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New eBook - Why America May Never Recover From the Recession - 25% Off for Limited Time

By: Steve Johnson

1/11/2010 - 18 Comments

Today I’m really excited to announce the official launch of my new eBook – Why America May Never Recover From the Recession

Update: The 25% discount for the first two weeks is now over. Thanks for everyone that took advantage of this discount. The full price is still under $15, which is a great deal for this eBook packed with great information.

This is a downloadable eBook that will show you how America may never recover from the deepening recession.

In this eBook I explain how biblical prophecy and current events point to lasting recession and a shift of world power to the Middle-East.

By large the Christian churches today are not paying attention to the 'end times' prophecies and how they fit together with current events.

If you think the economy is about to recover, this eBook will make you think twice about that idea with new revelation about world powers in the 'last days'. 

If you’re a Christian or not, this eBook will show you how current events reveal that we are without a doubt in the 'last days' just before the return of Jesus.  The bible has many prophecies with respect to this major event, just as when Jesus came the first time.

This eBook reveals how unlikely it is that America will remain a world power much longer, given the timetable that biblical prophecies and current events point out.  

This is not fiction. This is a very logical thought out conclusion based on historical facts and current events that were foretold with such accuracy that the 'last days' prophecies that have yet to happen are sure to follow. 

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • An Obvious Setup
  • The Rebirth of the State of Israel
  • Israel Becomes the Center of World Conflict
  • Global Financial Meltdown
  • Global Climate Change
  • America is Not Recorded as a World Power at the End of this Age

25% Discount – Two Weeks Only

To help launch this new eBook, I'm offering a 25% discount for the next two weeks - so don't delay, get your copy today – that’s under $10. 

Take advantage of this introductory low price today. To purchase my new eBook and find out why America may never recover from the deepening recession - just click the 'Click here' button and it will be yours within minutes.

Just  $12.97 


Oh, so you want a free copy?  Alright, the first person to name Peter Schiff’s new book coming out in April will win a free copy of my new eBook.  Just make your guess in the comments.

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