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Obama’s HealthCare is Likely to Put Million Out of Work and Out of Health Insurance

By: Steve Johnson

12/21/2009 - 31 Comments

The Senate healthcare bill that is on the verge of passing is more likely to cause more Americans to lose Health Insurance then for them to gain Health Insurance.

The bill calls for major tax increases to start right NOW.  This is just about the stupidest thing that Congress and the President could do in the mists of the deepest recession is a lifetime.

An increase in taxes at this time is likely to put many employers into an even harder position; leading to millions more layoffs and that means millions will lose their health insurance.

The only thing this bill does is create a milestone or a historical marker that Obama can use to say, ‘Look what we did’, but other then that the bill will be a complete disaster to the economy.

A Growing List of Failed Policies

The stimulus plan was supposed the improve employment, yet the result was higher unemployment.

The banking bailout plan was suppose to stop the credit freeze, yet the result was to further tighten the credit.

The war was suppose to be over and allow the military budget to be cut, yet we got an extension to the war and even more debt.

And now we are getting a healthcare bill the is suppose to increase healthcare insurance, yet the result is going to cause even more to lose their health insurance, alone with higher costs and lower quality.

What will Congress and the President think of next? Price controls? Wage freezes?

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