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In the Attempt to Take Control of the Healthcare Industry, Politicians Try to Blur the Lines Between a ‘Human Right’ and a ‘Good or Service’

By: Steve Johnson

11/5/2009 - 51 Comments

Personal health is made up of two things; personal responsibility and healthcare treatment.

Healthcare is not a human right and cannot be allowed to be mislabeled.  Healthcare is no more of a human right than a haircut.

Just because healthcare is very personal does not make it a human right that the government can or should supply. 

Wealthy nations can afford to invest more money into new healthcare technologies that result is improved healthcare treatments.  Investments come from a surplus of savings, which come from an increase in productivity. 

Healthcare is a valuable service that costs money to produce and more money can pay for better service.  That means that the wealthier you are the better healthcare you will be able to afford.  But the poor that live in wealthy nations will also have better healthcare as they take advantage of the investments in healthcare by the wealthy.

Human rights are defined in our constitution as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – with the Bill of Rights.

Human rights are "basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled.”

Human rights don’t cost anything to give someone because they are given to them by God when they are born, although they cost money to protect so that they are not taken away.

The right to life is a human right that is protected by the government and punishable when someone takes someone’s life.   But the service of healthcare cannot be a basic right that all humans are entitled because its quality depends on its investment and therefore it is impossible to determine what level of quality to stop at.

A government is inadequate in deciding how much healthcare someone should or should not get. 

Furthermore, personal health is made up of two things; personal responsibility and healthcare treatment.  A government is inadequate in determining or motivating a change in personal responsibility.  The motivation for well being of personal health is best solved by the free market, just as private property results in the motivation for the well being of personal assets.

If healthcare was passed as a ‘human right’, it would mean that the entire medical industry would become a mandated extension of the governments’ responsibility to provide and manage personal healthcare which they are incapable of providing.

Healthcare is not a human right and it never will be.  Its time we stopped pretending that government run healthcare is even possible.

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