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Obamacare: The Right To Wait in a Long Line

By: Steve Johnson

11/4/2009 - 23 Comments

The healthcare reform that is being debated in congress is wrong solution to a big problem.

The healthcare system is in desperate need of less government and more free market to bring prices down, not up.

The reform bill is clearly not intended to reduce healthcare costs, but to add more government controls to the industry. The sales pitch that Obama is using to try and passed the bill is 'healthcare should be a right for all Americans'.

But this is the same victim mentality trick that has been used to create the welfare state that has crippled capitalism and destroyed the economy

Here is a video showing why government healthcare will be a disaster.  

Also, here is an article series I wrote about healthcare reform in case you missed it.

Obama’s Healthcare Reform Will Be a Colossal Failure, Causing Prices to Increase Even Faster

Here is a video clip detailing some of the better solutions that have been proposed. 

This massive expansion of government is going to end very badly unless congress starts the correction process soon.  The nation is broke and the dollar is very close to a major crash, as gold hit another all time high today.

Yesterday, the central bank of India purchased 200 tons of gold from the IMF and they did it at record high gold prices. The central bank of India obviously knows that the dollar is headed for a crash.  China also was interested in purchasing the gold, but someone India was able to make the purchase.

The IMF is pretty stuppid to sell there gold at this time in history, when the U.S. central banks is printing money faster than at any time in history.

We cannot even afford the healthcare system that we have now and we sure don't have the money to create a new healthcare system run by the government.

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