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 Why America May Never Recover From the Recession

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Why America May Never Recover From the Recession: Part 5: America is Not Recorded as a Superpower in the Last Days

By: Steve Johnson

10/9/2009 - 55 Comments

The Bible describes four spheres of power in the ‘last days’ before the return of Christ.

This is Part 5 of an article series which takes a look at current events in relationship to biblical prophecy to explain why America may never recover from the current recession. 

I finally got the chance to complete this article series that I started many months ago.

During the 'last days' the world will be in great distress and mighty nations will be organized for battle. The question is, "Where is America in the last days?"

World Empires

The book of Daniel describes the four world empires that will come to power during the history on earth before the return of Christ.  These four empires become so large that they control the entire world.  These world empires should not be confused with large nations like America or China or Russia, which have never become world empires.

In the book of Daniel, the fourth and last world empire will be the revival of the first world empire – the Roman Empire. The details of this empire are shockingly similar to the current European Union, with the formation of 10 primary member nations held together loosely. 

If the dollar loses its support as the global Reserve Currency in the next few years, the EU currency (Euro) is the only viable replacement that could propel the EU into the world empire that Daniel described

Among the four world empires described in Daniel, America is not one of them.  That doesn’t mean the America wasn’t a superpower or that it didn’t dominate global trade for several decades. It just means that America will never become a world empire.

Superpowers in the Last Days

Most of my knowledge of ‘last days’ prophecy comes from the prophetic historian Hal Lindsey.  Hal Lindsey has done an excellent work in researching and explaining how these prophecies come together.  My research is dwarfed by Hal's and I highly recommend his book “The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad” for a complete study of the four spheres of power that I'm about to talk about.  

In this book Hal Lindsey explains how the hatred towards Israel comes from a long time ago, when God promissed to bless and protect them and use them to show the world that he is the one true God. 

The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad


First of all, Israel will be the center of the world in the last days and therefore all references to mighty nations in the last days are in reference to their location to Israel. 

Israel has already become the center of world conflict as can be seen at the UN meeting just a few days ago, as all major speakers addressed the conflict in Israel as the most pressing issue.  It is also evident that nearly all UN member nations are against Israel.

As Israel becomes the center of world conflict in the last days, each superpower nation will go to war against it, which is why biblical prophecy referring to this time references each sphere of power in respect to its location to Israel.

I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the peoples… and all the nations of the earth will be gathered [for war] because of it. Zechariah 12:2-5

Here are the four spheres of power in the last days;

  1. The Russia sphere of power called “the kings of the North” and their alliance with the Muslim nations to the south (Iran and company). Ezekiel 38-39.
  2. The Muslim sphere of power Daniel called “the kings of the South”
  3. The Asia sphere of power called “the kings of the East” and their 200 million man army that will attack Israel (China is the only nation in the world that has an arm that large) Revelations 9:14-16, Revelations 16:12-16.
  4. The European Union sphere of power called “the kings of the West”

As you read the news, you will discover all four spheres of power rising. The Russians and Muslim nation have the oil and natural gas that is fueling the world. Asia has become the producer of the world, and the strengthening Euro is increasing the power and influence of the EU.

At the same time, America is declining and our government is only delaying the fact that the nation is bankrupt. The furture of America is going to be a long process of re-negotiating with its debtors through the process of a weakening dollar our debts are being reduced, but so is the wealth of our nation. 

The process will include drastically cutting our spending and going to work for our rich Asian lenders. A debtor is a slave to his lender as America has become. These current events make it clear that America is not going to be a superpower in the last days - just as bible prophecy foretold.


America is not a world empire nor is it a superpower in the last days, which are clearly upon us and therefore I must say it again – America may never recover from the current recession

In this article series I showed how the last days are upon us, starting with the recent rebirth of the nation of Israel.  These things that are coming make no reference to America as a superpower or even a world power.

Perhaps America may never recover from the deepening recession as power is shifted to other parts of the world to bring about these prophecies.

Therefore don’t plan on an economic recovery.  Instead plan for a deepening recession so that you are not disappointed and are well prepared to continue living through the economic troubles of our day.

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