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Everything Points To the Federal Reserve As The Cause Of the Economic Crisis

By: Steve Johnson

9/24/2009 - 25 Comments

Every day I seem to read someone else that has made the connection that the Federal Reserve is the source of the global economic crisis.

Ron Paul has a long standing history of pointing out that the Federal Reserve is the source of the economic problems, while almost all have ignored his claims. 

Today Robert Kiyosaki released his new book, “The Conspiracy of the Rich” in which he said points out that the Federal Reserve is the source of inflation, which has distorted the financial system of the world and led to the economic crisis.  

The Federal Reserve rules the world by controlling the value of money used around the world.  

"The Conspiracy of the Rich"



Yesterday, Sarah Palin attack the Federal Reserve for creating asset bubbles and encouraging excessive risk-taking that hurt working-class Americans.

On Monday, Peter Schiff’s new book, “Crash Proof 2.0” points out that the Fed is responsible to maintain the value of the dollar, which they have not done.  Peter is now running for Senate in the state of Connecticut with one goal – “Stop the Fed” and the runaway spending with it.  

Inflation is the wrench in the system causing the free market to perform poorly, while the government continues to accelerated inflation because they benefit from inflation in so many ways

"Crash Proof 2.0"


Then, last week Congressman Ron Paul released his new book, “End the Fed”, which is entirely dedicated to pointing out that the Federal Reserve is the wrench in the system.  

Inflation is the wrench in the system causing the poor to get poorer and distorting the market. 

"End The Fed". 


Also, Thomas Woods new book "Meltdown" came out in February and is perhaps the best explanation of why the stock market crashed and how government bailouts have made things worse.

The inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve caused the free-market to go astray and result in boom-bust cycles.



I myself have written about how the Federal Reserve had created the recession and how they are now leading the international banking community into a snake pit – without a rope.

There is a bill on the table in the congress threatening to audit the Federal Reserve, which needs to happen so that the truth can come out and the dollar can be saved.

Momentum is building against the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is run by the richest people in the world and they control the value of the dollar, which is the Reserve Currency of the world. 

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 and is suppose to be independent of the political leadership, but they have not acted like it since the late 1970’s when Paul Volckers was the Chairman. 

Of course the reason that the Federal Reserve has distorted the market with massive inflation is because of the out of control spending by congress and the president for the last 20+ years.   If the Federal Reserve stood up to congress and the president and said NO we will not continue printing and borrowing money anymore, then congress and the president would be forced to stop spending.

And when that day happens and the Fed stops increasing the currency supply, nobody is going to be happy either because we will finally be face to face with the mother of all recessions and a contraction in the supply of money.

The alternative is to continue on the path of hyperinflation which leads to the collapse of the entire financial system as we know it today. 

Pick your poison.  I say we stop the Inflation, but either way it's not going to end very well.

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The Case Against the Fed

This book, written by Murray Rothbard, an economist and historian of fairly well known repute, is a scathing attack on not only the Federal Reserve, but the interests that created this institution. Rothbard explains how the Federal Reserve is the true source in the destruction of wealth, which has led to the destruction of the middle class and continues to sift money into the hands of the wealthiest.

Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse

In discussions of today's economic meltdown and what to do about it, the Federal Reserve is a stealth helicopter: it never shows up on the radar. With the exception of a few esoteric specialists and those Ron Paul Revolutionaries who burst into chants of "Abolish the Fed!" Historian Thomas Woods notes in this important book, the Federal Reserve bears a large part of the blame for the mess we're in. In the first part of "Meltdown," Woods shows how both in theory and in practice, Fed policy fueled an artificial boom and is now leading us to a much larger meltdown.

Crash Proof

Peter Schiff has predicted the economic hardship more accurately then any other economist in the world in this book. Everything from the housing crash to the credit crunch to the stock market. Peter has a plan to help you servive the crash. Peter explains why the Wall Street investment firms are still trying to sell you stocks, and was the house prices are likely to continue to decline for years to come.

What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Rothbard gives us an exceptionally clear, detailed description of what money is and how it has come to be manipulated by governments and central bankers into almost worthless inflationary fiat paper currency. He then explains how gold became the most respected and trustworthy currency of choice and the prospect of either hyperinflation or the greatest depression the world has ever seen may be arriving in the very near future.