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10 Reasons Why Sarah Palin May Have Led to a Real Economic Recovery

By: Steve Johnson

9/23/2009 - 34 Comments

Since the 2008 presidential elections, Sarah Palin has become the single most influential and leading candidate for the GOP.

Even after resigning from the Governor of Alaska for personal reasons, she remains a political giant and perhaps a front runner in the 2012 presidential race. 

Just yesterday Sarah visited China to talk about trade and the economy.

We will never know how the economy would have reacted to Sarah’s leadership, but here are 10 reasons how Sarah Palin may have led the economy to a real recovery:

  1. Offshore drilling for oil would have reduced the prices of gas and the trade deficit and our dependence on foreign nations and improved our bargaining relationship with large trade partners like China and Japan.
  2. End the bailouts that have been given to large banks and large union labor companies like GM that were strong supporters of Obama. This would have also reduced our $1.7 trillion budget deficit this year.
  3. Strong support for the small business sector of the economy would have decreased the unemployment rate, which would have also lead to a housing market bottom – critical to stabilizing the economy.
  4. Reduce the size of the federal government and therefore reduce the tax burden on the economy. 
  5. Win the war in Afghanistan, followed by a cut back in military spending.
  6. Stop Ben Bernanke from creating more inflation, by buying treasury bonds and holding interest rates much too low.
  7. Lower health care costs by creating policies to allow health insurance companies to compete with each other, while reducing the role of government in the industry and allowing more options like a catastrophic health insurance plan for younger health people.
  8. Lower education costs, by reducing the public education budget and allowing other educational options to compete with the public educational system.
  9. Increase the value of the dollar, by increasing the interest rates and thereby encouraging people to increase their rate of savings to provide for their retirement and future living expenses.
  10. Decrease government expense of fighting crime and housing more jail inmates by encouraging non-profit groups that increase morality.

The economy is sure to remain the top political issue for years to come as we head into a possible double-dip recession with 10% unemployment and a weakening dollar.

Eventually, the president and congress will be forced to face the recession and stop kicking the can down the road.  It’s not going to be fun cutting back on government spending and raising interest rates, but that is what must be done and the sooner the better.  The crisis is only getting larger as we are now facing a currency crisis.

As hope in Obama fades, people are looking for a new leader to place their hope in. Sarah Palin represents a renewal of freedom and liberty from big government spending, which makes her a magnet for a new hope to revive the economy. 

It has been very interesting to watch this battle of economic ideas swell up at the recent Tea Party Rallies, which shows how discouraged the public is getting, even if they can not do anything about it yet.  

I think Sarah Palin could quite easily rally the energy into an organized campaign centered on ‘Stop the Spending’ and save the economy.

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