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Ronald Reagan Warned Us Against Socialized Medicine

By: Steve Johnson

9/14/2009 - 22 Comments

Ronald Reagan was perhaps the last true fiscal conservative President we had in this country and he was very aware of the dangers of socialism.

The following video is a recording of Reagan warning the nation against socialized medicine.  Reagan understood the dangerous slippery slope of the expansion of government and the destruction that socialism would results in.


In the next video, Reagan tells us how important, fragile and rare our freedom is.  He tells us that the importance of freedom needs to be taught to each generation so that it can be protected by each generation. Without that vital education passing down to the next generation, the people will not be able to fight for their freedoms.  During Reagan’s campaign, he said “Government is not the solution, it’s the problem”

The path to economic recovery begins where is started, with a radical change to monetary policy and that is going to need new leadership. It's time to elect new leaders that understand the economy like Reagan did. 

We need to drastically cut government spending, lower taxes and create a new monetary policy that protects the dollar and the nation from hyperinflation.  Socialized medicine will drive another nail into the already fragile economy.

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