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Here Comes the Free Market Calvary, Challenging the Political Regime in 2010

By: Steve Johnson

9/8/2009 - 17 Comments

As predicted, the policies of socialism have failed to revive the economy and the public is getting restless.

In an effort to replace the failed policy leaders of socialism and inflation, several business leaders that believe in sound money and true capitalism are making their case and running for office in the 2010 elections.

Here are some of the campaigns of champion free market thinkers;

Their agenda is to retake control of the political system that has run the economy into the ground with big government spending policies that have failed to revive the economy.

All these guys believe in the one proven system of economic growth – free market capitalism - with limited government and low taxes.

If you want your job back, donate your unemployment check to these guys so that they can get elected and reduce the government and encourage entrepreneurs to rebuild the small business sector of the economy.

The path to economic recovery is going to be a long and hard road, starting with a change in leadership by electing free market economist and business leaders like these guys.

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Crash Proof

Peter Schiff has predicted the economic hardship more accurately then any other economist in the world in this book. Everything from the housing crash to the credit crunch to the stock market. Peter has a plan to help you servive the crash. Peter explains why the Wall Street investment firms are still trying to sell you stocks, and was the house prices are likely to continue to decline for years to come.

Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse

In discussions of today's economic meltdown and what to do about it, the Federal Reserve is a stealth helicopter: it never shows up on the radar. With the exception of a few esoteric specialists and those Ron Paul Revolutionaries who burst into chants of "Abolish the Fed!" Historian Thomas Woods notes in this important book, the Federal Reserve bears a large part of the blame for the mess we're in. In the first part of "Meltdown," Woods shows how both in theory and in practice, Fed policy fueled an artificial boom and is now leading us to a much larger meltdown.

How Capitalism Saved America

This book is an excellent presentation on the problems of government 'regulations' into free market mechanisms. This book illustrates simply and clearly how many chaotic economic problems were caused by interference from government regulations and how capitalism has overcome them. Master this book and you have overcome most of the bad economic thinking of our time. Government is the cause of capitalism failure.

The Case Against the Fed

This book, written by Murray Rothbard, an economist and historian of fairly well known repute, is a scathing attack on not only the Federal Reserve, but the interests that created this institution. Rothbard explains how the Federal Reserve is the true source in the destruction of wealth, which has led to the destruction of the middle class and continues to sift money into the hands of the wealthiest.