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The Biggest Mistake of Personal Finance Bloggers is to Focus on the Small Stuff

By: Steve Johnson

9/2/2009 - 22 Comments

A recent article by a leading personal finance blogger addressing the need to focus on the small stuff to reduce financial stress has inspired me to take a deeper look at that idea.

I don’t mean to say the personal finance bloggers don’t help a lot of people by focusing on the small stuff or that they don’t drive a lot of website traffic from focusing on the small stuff, but they are failing to create true economic change. 

I have bigger goals then these. I want to help save the nation from complete economic collapse.

Focusing on the small stuff, like budgeting, paying off debts, living a frugal life are all essential and necessary for every one of us to build a foundation of saving and production, with which a sound economy is built upon.  

But financial stress cannot be eliminated without true economic change in the way the economic goes through boom-bust cycles. Therefore personal finance is really about both the small stuff and the big stuff

For example; your 401k retirement and personal savings are very important to your personal finances, yet they are primarily controlled by the big picture. Without an understanding of the big picture, there is no way to control your savings or secure your retirement.  

Eliminating Financial Stress

Despite the rhetoric of popular bad economists like Ben Bernanke and Allan Greenspan, boom-bust cycles are predictable and preventable

Focusing on the small stuff, by getting your financial house in order is only the first step in economic recovery.  This can be seen as consumers have started to reduce spending and increase savings.  The second step is to face the fact that government spending is out of control and has become a national liability to the freedom, liberty and justice of our great nation.

The only way to truly eliminated financial stress from the economy is to realize that we have been duped into a phony economy build on over-consumption and a government run on the dollar.  Once the majority realizes the source of the problem, then and only then, can we tackle real solutions to end this madness.

The Source of Economic Instability

The source of economic instability is failed government policy, by juicing the economy with more and more printed money. This is the source of the problem and until we mobilize a revolution to take back the nation and vote out the bad economist, we will continue to suffer financial stress.

Almost all personal finance bloggers make the same mistake, by trying to focus on the small stuff without looking at the source of economic troubles.  Perhaps there are good reasons for this and I suspect it is because they themselves don’t understand the true source of the economic instability. 

Without sound money, we will never have a sound economy. We will just keep going from one bubble to the next while the blind economist continue to lead us over unseen cliffs.

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