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By: Steve Johnson

9/1/2009 - 64 Comments

The teenage unemployment rate is 22% and not much better for the average college grad.

As the recession continues to deepen into the fall and the youth start collaborating ideas on the college campuses around the country, the riots will begin. 

I’m not advocating riots, but I’m speculating that they are coming to a town near you. The youth are quickly realizing that they are getting the short end of the stick in this economic recovery that everyone seems to be talking about.

There are no jobs anywhere is sight and the entitlement programs that were fun to clamor for will soon cost the young people most of their pay checks in additional taxes.

I think Robert Kiyosaki was dead on last week in his Yahoo Finance blog when he said,

“Demographics show that we are entering a battle between young and old. I call it the "Age War." The young want to hang onto their money to grow their families, businesses, and wealth. The old want the tax and investment dollars of the young to sustain their old age.

This war is not is upon us now. This is one of many reasons why I remain cautious and say, "The worst is yet to come."

Only the youth are capable of focusing enough energy to organize riots and they are the future leaders of the nation. They will remember what they learn from this recession experience of high unemployment and the policies that sustained the recession – like government stimulus programs are bank bailouts.

The good news is that riots lead to revolutions and it will take a revolution to bring back the American dream. We need people to wake up and understand how the political system has led to this recession.  We need people to want to learn what is going on and how they will be affected.  We need people to stop ignoring what is going on in Washington and start voting for responsible economic leaders.

The government may be ready to declare the end of the recession based on a positive GDP next quarter, which was pushed up with printed money and bad economic policies. But the average Joe will not stand for the blunt lie.

The politicians are in for a rough time.  Many will be fired by being voted out of office in the 2010 elections. The youth are realizing that congress is holding back the free market from creating emerging jobs, with 'too big to fail' policies.

The sooner we change directions and face the recession the easier it will be to rebuild a real economy - based on production and savings, not confiscating the wealth of the savers by printing more money.  

Flooding the economy with printed money is stealing from the elderly and garnishing the wages of the working class.  If anyone else did this, they would be in jail. The Federal Reserve should not be allowed to do it. The more money they print, the poorer we all get.

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