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The Right to Healthcare with a Public Insurance Option Is the Outright Slavery of Medical Personnel and Taxpayers

By: Steve Johnson

8/28/2009 - 18 Comments

Obamacare is a dangerous step in the wrong direction that has no room for capitalism or freedom or person liberty.

Supporters of the plan argue that critics are using false labels to mislead public support, like the suggestion of ‘death panels’ which government officials determine who lives and who dies.

In many ways, this has become a war of words as each side tries to frame their opinions around a key set of words.  Obama likes to use the word ‘choice’ which has been proven to be effective is gaining public support with other issues. 

Obama is outright misleading the public by explain his plan for the public insurance option as something that will give people more choices, even though the plan will limit the choices of everything from doctors to insurance providers.

If Obamacare is passed, it is unlikely that we will ever have a free market healthcare system again.  From that point forward we would have a government-favored market, in which the government will be able to direct money to medical institutions that it likes and directs money away from others.

Opening your own private medical practice will only be allowd under the full guidance of the governments healthcare arm, which nothing will be private and profits will be controled by fixed prices and mandatory care.

Outright Slavery

Slavery is a strong word, which means that you have no rights to the work that you do or the pay that you receive. Your master determines when you work, what you will do and how much you get paid.

Under government healthcare, medical physicians and nurses will be enslaved to the role of government to determine what patients they will see and what procedures they will give and how much they will get paid for those services.

The rights of the public to receive the 'right of healthcare' will trump the rights of medical personnel by forcing them to provide a service to the public.  Let’s call this what it is.  This is the outright enslavement of all medical personnel.

The process of medical service is the art of medicine, in which physicians and nurses work hard to become educated and practice to increase the care they provide their patients in order to gain respect and reputation so that they can be rewarded a profit to support their families and gain wealth. 

Without this dynamic relationship between patient and doctor, why would anyone want to work in medicine?  The result will be less people willing to work in medicine, resulting is doctor shortages and a drastically decrease in quality, just as many other nations that have experimented with social healthcare have discovered.

Medical Care Cannot Be a Right

Medical care cannot be a right without enslaving the medical personnel and the taxpayers to pay for the inefficient system. Medical care must remain a service provided by doctors and others to individuals who want to purchase it – as a free market price. 

Even in a life threatening decision, we cannot expect the taxpayer to pay for everyone to get the best healthcare that the medical institution has to offer without the money to pay for it.

To claim that medical care is a 'right' by the passage of the public insurance option in the Obamacare plan, is to claim that doctors and others who provide these services have no rights or that their rights are deliberately ignored for the greater good of the patient.  We cannot build a system with socialism as the foundation and expect the system not to fail.

Taxpayers Become Slaves

If medical care become a ‘right’ provided by the government which is solely funded by the taxpayers, then the taxpayers also has no right not pay for the rights of the patients.  If a taxpayer refused to pay the additional taxes that will be needed to pay for the extended life of someone else, they will be thrown into prison.

This is grave misuse of power by the government to enforce the rights of sick patients over the rights of the public.  This is the enslavement of the public to enforce the government’s commitment to the ‘rights’ of others. 

These government enforced rights of others are exchanged for political votes, which further empower the State.  The voters in support of this think they are getting something for nothing - 'free healthcare for all', when they are actually giving up their permanent rights in exchange for temporary political influence. 

The fact that some doctors are willing to participate in their own enslavement can only be explained by their misunderstanding of what they are exchanging.

When the State intervenes to fix wages or prices or to control the conditions of competition, like with a public insurance option, it tells the market leaders that they are not acting in the best interest of the customers without regard for their interests and therefore confiscates their power giving the State the power to judge what is best.

When this happens the market leaders realize they no longer have the freedom to profit by way of innovation or increase efficiency or improved process and therefore they have no choice but to exit the market and let the State run the show and live with the consequences.  That is what we will see, the brightest minds in medicine will find another industry to work in.

The Real Solution

The only lasting solution is to reduce the role that the government has already taken and give the health care industry the freedom to innovate, improve and drive down prices. The process is called capitalism and it only works with free prices, wages and competition.

The primary reason that health care cost are rising is because of the already overbearing government intervention, through prices controls from Medicare and Medicaid and the regulated insurance industry that is forced to cover many expensive medical procedures and socialize the costs.

For more on how I feel about Obamacare, you can read this article series "Obama’s Healthcare Reform Will Be a Colossal Failure, Causing Prices to Increase Even Faster"

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